3 Life-Changing Body Hacks You Didn’t Know!

One reason why I publish controversial videos like “can your balls break” on my Youtube channel, is, next to having fun doing it, also because I want to learn new things about the human body.

To this date I’ve also read multiple anatomy books from cover to cover. Here are three body hacks you didn’t know and that you can apply today. You will also learn the underlying functionality and most importantly why these body hacks work.

1. The proper position when you poop.

No, don’t worry, this is not turning into a video like “what effects would castration have on your body”.

The sitting toilets, like we know it, have been an invention of the recent past. In fact even in many parts of asia people still use toilets in a squatting position.

Over millions of years we had to poop into the bush. Which means our digestive system has evolved to that position. If we apply that position in our daily life we can decrease our time that we spend pooping.

We also minimize our chances to develop hemorrhoids. So next time you’re minding your business, simply put your feet on a slight pedestal, bend your back forward.

And let the shitty magic happen.

2 – The sleep science.

Do you wake up in the morning feeling groggy?

One of many reasons could be, because you’re truly not sleeping enough.

But some studies actually suggest, that we’re sleeping more than enough, we’re just really bad in tracking our time.

So a reason why we don’t feel energized in the morning, because we’re not aware that our sleep happens in phases. Sleep, while important for our brain, also leaves us extremely defenseless.

Back when we were living in a jungle, a predator could’ve easily snuck up on us. That’s why our sleep happens in phases which cycle every 1.5 hours. We can apply this knowledge to our life by keeping our naps short, no more than 26 minutes.

This will keep us in a light sleep phase and make it easy to wake up. To prevent feeling groggy in the morning we can use our knowledge about sleep cycles so we wake up during light sleep.

So either sleep 6, 7.5 or 9 hours if you want to feel most energized in the morning.

3 – Our body is interconnected.

Did you know that the time between your heart beats varies every time?

This phenomena is called heart rate variability and it’s an indicator of how stressed out we are.

If our heart beat works like clock-work and never shows the slightest variation, it’s a sure sign that we are incredibly stressed out and our body prepares for an attack. If our heart beat varies more or less in every beat, it’s a sign that we’re chill.

Well cool you might ask, how is this a body hack? Our oldest nerve, it’s called vagus nerve, is interwoven in our chest and belly area.

If we slow our breathing consciously, we stimulate the vagus nerve which then increase our heart rate variability and therefore decreases our stress.

I use this every time I’m stressed out. I focus on my breathing and take 5 long, slow breaths.

Bonus tip: Breathe through your nose, as mouth breathing usually happens when we’re stressed out.

These were 3 body hacks that can absolutely change your life. If you want to learn more about human anatomy and how you can apply it to your life, contact me.

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