3 Tips On Losing Weight Rapidly On A Whole Food Plant Based Diet

You’re following a whole foods plant based diet and you’re not losing weight.🤔

Or you’re about to follow a whole food plant based diet and are planning in advance.🌱

So here are 3 tips on losing weight rapidly on a whole food plant based diet.👌

These tips come from my personal experience, now more than 6 years in the health & fitness industry, being vegan for 6 years and investing over $50,000 dollars in my professional education.

So if you just give me a couple of minutes of your time, you can learn how to lose your weight effectively, rapidly and predictably, 1-2lbs per week and finally live in the body that you want to live in.

So let’s jump right into it.👇

1. Love Data

If you’re serious about losing your weight rapidly on a whole foods plant based diet, you must know that eating less junk is simply not enough.

You must measure your efforts.

Too many people don’t step on the weighing scale out of fear.

No more junk food

This is a recipe for disaster. If you’re currently on a diet and you’re still fearful of stepping on the scale then you need to hear this: Your diet is clearly not working.

Really. If your diet would be working you’d be looking forward to step on the scale. You can estimate to lose 1-2lbs every single week – quite consistently and predictably – if your lifestyle choices are dialed in.

If you don’t step on the weighing scale and are aiming to lose weight, it’s like not looking at your bank balance if you’re trying to increase it.

Step on the weighing scale every single day and write down your progress on an app or in an excel sheet.

2. Get clear on your calories

No matter what you try, you simply are not losing weight?

There’s a 100% chance you’re not being in a caloric deficit.

Being in a caloric deficit has a DIRECT influence over how much weight you’re going to lose.

I tried to lose weight countless of times in my past. When I was younger I was dying to have a sixpack.

Literally, I woke up at 6am and did high intensity interval training. I followed all the celebrity workouts. Even got so desperate to try a zero carb diet.

The only thing that ever worked is being in a caloric deficit. After 3 months of being vegan and tracking my calories, making sure I’m in a consistent caloric deficit – was the first time I ever saw my sixpack. Change your calories, change your weight.

I know this is not what you want to hear. But it’s my job to tell you the truth. This is the #1 thing that is preventing you from losing weight rapidly on a whole foods plant based diet.

3. Make a mindset shift

I have a confession to make: I eat like a monk.

Here’s what this means:

What eating like a monk means to me is seeing food as nourishment, instead of entertainment or comfort as a lot of people do.

See there’s a scope to the benefits of the foods that we put into our bodies. Oatmeal for example is nourishment. A package of Oreos on the other hand is pure entertainment.

I decided 5 years ago, that I will see food as nourishment, and not as entertainment. Prior to those 5 years I was the exact opposite.

And what are the benefits for making this switch?

I live in the body I want. I can drop weight on demand. I feel like I’m in control of my body and have energy to easily work 70-80 hours a week (if I want – and I almost always want).

So look at your fridge and be honest with yourself. Is your food fuel, or momentary comfort?


Your weight is not set in stone. A whole foods plant based diet is a good start, but it’s simply not enough.

Remember that you can change – and you can do so quite effectively and predictably. Love data, get clear on your calories and get your mindset right.