3 Mistakes I Made As A Vegan

In this post you’ll learn the 3 main mistakes that I made while being vegan. I’m vegan for 6 years now and if I can do anything so you avoid the same mistakes that I’ve done, I’ll do it.

So if you just give me a few minutes of your time, you’re going to learn a LOT about having a good time while being vegan. So let’s jump right into it.

1st Mistake – Forgetting your B12 supplement

Fun story. In the middle of 2020 I was in Bali. I had no B12 supplements. Well I did, until the pandemic happened which cut of most of my supply chain.

I originally thought it’d be no big deal, I started developing some tingling sensations in my hand and feet. Which seem to be no big issue if treated early, but it still this was kinda scary.

So you must supplement B12 and keep your supply chain in mind. I recommend a B12 supplement with 2,000mcg of cyanocobalamin, that you can take once per week.

2nd Mistake – Not ‘owning’ being vegan

In the beginning I told no one that I was vegan. I was just kinda doing it for myself.

I think that was a good thing. However, afterwards I didn’t really own being vegan.

Whenever someone asked me, so – are you vegan? I was like, “yeah, yeah a little bit.”

Not cool. In fact, this was plain weird.

If you make the decision to go vegan. You have to own it. You have to embrace it.

If someone is asking you: so – are you vegan? The correct answer is “Yes, I am.”

The thing is that being vegan is just not that big of a deal anymore. It’s only a big deal if you make it so. Meaning you hide from it or the other extreme, is you’re:

3rd Mistake – Being too harsh

And this was certainly another mistake that I made.

Because veganism was such a crucial issue for me, obviously learning about factory farms etc, I actually lost some of my empathy for fellow humans in the beginning.

So switching from not owning it into the complete other extreme.

Meaning I’d call people out on their food choices and openly disagree with them.

I remember one time I got in a quite heated argument with the nutrition teacher, when I was still becoming a fitness trainer. We were going back and forth in front of the class because she was not supportive of veganism.

I’d do that differently right now.

Because let’s face it, calling people out is so uncharismatic, antisocial and just plain weird.

There’s a better way of doing things.

Vegan Activism – Revisited

Over the years I’ve learned that the best way of influencing others is to be a great example yourself.

Look at yourself in the mirror first and improve whatever you see. You must become a disciple of self improvement.

And this is harder to do than calling someone out, but it’s damn more rewarding and effective.

If you feel uncomfortable about your weight – change that. If your career is not on point – change that. If your dating life is not good – change that.

Fact of the matter is that humans notice, whenever someone has hisor her stuff not going on. But the good thing is that humans notice also, when someone has his or her stuff going on.

And people will react way differently to your preachings of veganism – once you’re actually a role model.