7 Ways To Be Limitless – Get Your Life Together (EXTREME VERSION!)

Limitless is one of my favorite movies.

The protagonist in the movie goes from a hopeless slump to a complete boss, owning his entire life and fulfilling his potential.

While Eddie did it with the help of drugs, we should focus on getting our life in order naturally.

In fact I think it speaks to me because I’ve always been fascinated by getting my shit together.

Although I’m in no way perfect, I turned my life around.

From someone that was nicknamed “aschess” in high school, this is swiss german and basically means having no motivation for everything, to a driven individual following his passion and getting better every day.

Today I want to share with you 7 ways to get your life in order. For each 7 ways there are 3 levels to measure your progress, called pro, master and limitless.

You will also know which famous individuals has mastered that category and where I personally stand.

But caution: The measurements that I put up here are pretty high. I follow the mantra of Tony Robbins said: Increase your standards.
If you’re not making the pro level on one category or another, that’s ok. Just keep getting better every day.

1. Structure

I don’t have to write it down, I’ll remember it.
This is the one line I’ve told myself in school and it was the reason I’ll always forgot stuff.

If we want to remember appointments, deadlines and advice from friends, we have to write it down.

Organization and structure is a crucial skill to have especially if we want to have career success. The 3 levels in this skill are as follows:

Pro: We put all our meetings in a calendar and we show up on time. However it happens about once in a month that we forget an appointment. People know that we say something, we do it.

Master: We run a calendar and a to do list at the same time. To Do List on a daily basis and a calendar on a longer term basis. People can schedule with us a meeting 2 months in advance and we’ll remember it without a reminder. However we don’t always finish our to do list.

Limitless: We plan our day the day before. We plan our week on sundays. We don’t stop moving each day before our to do list is done, only then do we feel rest.

We very rarely forget meetings and always cancel 24 hours before. People wonder how we get so much stuff done and call us organizational geniuses.

A good example of this level is Elon Musk, which plans his day in 5 minute blocks, or Sam Walton which coined the term “Sundown Rule” – finishing all our tasks before going to sleep.

I’m on the mastery level here. I’m not always planning my day and I am not planning my week yet. My To Do list is not finished each evening. However I write everything down and remember all my appointments.

2. Wealth

Money is what makes the world go round.

Leaving our financial standpoint out of the equation of being limitless is extremely foolish and nonsense.

Not having enoug money puts stress on ourselves, makes us not able to support our family and plan for our future.

It also impairs all other categories on this list.
The 3 following levels exist:

Pro: We spend less than we need and invest 10% of our income every month or pay off our debt with it. If we acquired debt it was absolutely necessary and not based on unnecessary consumer goods to make us look good on Instagram. We think long-term and we are financially secure.

Master: We’re free of bad debt and student loans and we got decent investments going.

We have the privilege to ignore the price tag on low priced stuff that makes us happy. If a person in our family would suddenly need 5.000 dollars we could provide it. Everyone considers us well off.

Limitless: We’re financially free. Our investments pay for our living expenses. We acquired complete freedom of time. Our family doesn’t have to stress out about money. We enjoy the fruits of our labour. If people would see our numbers, we would be considered rich.

A great example of this level is Grant Cardone. With over 500 million in investment portfolio, he never has to worry about money again. He does whatever he wants, whenever he wants.

I’m again, on the master level here. You’re seeing a pattern?

3. Health

While wealth is a nice to have, it’s by no means the most important thing.

Or as the saying goes: Health is wealth.

I’m sure Stephen Hawking would have paid all of his money to acquire the basic human functioning of an adult.

If a lack of wealth impairs the other categories, a lack of health completely obliterates them.

Fitness and health is the absolute fundament for fulfilling our potential and creating a life worth living.

Pro: We have a normal BMI. We don’t smoke cigarettes and we eat what’s good for us. Alcohol is enjoyed only on the weekends and in decent measure. We exercise atleast twice per week. We’re considered strange by McDonalds fanatics.

Master: We have a muscular built. We don’t drink alcohol and we don’t smoke. We sleep enough to function properly. We exercise atleast 4 times a week. We’re seeing in the mirror what we want to see. People admire our athleticism.

Limitless: We follow a whole food plant-based diet. We got the greek body physique that people could put on their walls and make drawings off. In fact we have the material to be put on a Men’s Health Cover. We exercise 5 times a week, focusing on flexibility, endurance and strength. Be it benchpressing 225 pounds or running a marathon, we got it covered.

Examples of this could be honestly Vegan Gains. Good body and great diet knowledge.

I’m on the level advanced to limitless. Still good but not enough to be on the men’s health cover or run a marathon, yet.

4. Protection

Human beings can be really bad to each other.

I realized this when I had to cancel the contract of a dangerous client of the fitness center that I managed at that time.
That person came back later in the evening and tried to attack me with a beer bottle.

We had to call the police three freaking times that day.

If I didn’t had basic knowledge of martial arts and tried to deescalate the situation with my soft skills, I could’ve been scarred for life or maybe even worse.

Knowing how to defend yourself will not only increase your lifespan, it will also add more quality to your life by helping you be confident and therefore more attractive.

Here are the three levels of self defense:

Pro: We know how to defend ourselves if things go south. We have joined a self defense class some time ago and feel confident when we walk outside in night time.

Master: People feel calm and secure when they’re around us. We’re training regular martial arts with full-contact sparring since atleast 2 years.

We stay calm in stressful situations and excude confidence. We have enough skills to deescalate most bad situations verbally. Yet if things go very wrong, we carry some sort of weapon with us, like pepper spray or a legal hand gun.

Limitless: We’re a force of destruction, yet we’re a proponent of peace. Although we prefer to be a gardener in a garden, we could be a warrior in a war. We do controlled full-contact sparring once per week. We got atleast 1 amateur fight against a trained athlete or trained for more than 10 years straight in an effective martial arts like boxing, thaiboxing, jiu-jiutsu, MMA or Krav Maga.

We know how to handle ourselves on the ground, stand-up and in the clinch. Atleast one finished course in a self-defense class like Krav Maga, to handle critical situations like a knife attack.

We can deal with a multitude of weapons, long and short-range with no problems.

A key example of this is Jocko Willink or John Wick, you see the similarity of the names?
That’s because John Wick is Jocko Willink’s son. Not speaking in family bonds, but in skills.

If Viggo Tarasov would’ve called Jocko Willink for help in the first John Wick movie there would’ve never been a sequel.

In fact even though the movie would’ve showed for the original 101 minutes, it would’ve practically ended after 10.

91 minutes would’ve simply shown John Wick getting tortured by an overpowered and bored Jocko Willink.

Haha, okay man. I’m on level advanced, for your information.

5. Passion

Ikigai, this is a japanese word for having a reason to wake up in the morning.<