Low Energy On A Plant Based Diet? 7 Ways To INSTANTLY Double Your Energy

Low Energy On A Plant Based Diet? 7 Ways To INSTANTLY Double Your Energy In this video you’re going to learn EXACTLY how YOU CAN DOUBLE your energy on a plant-based diet. If you just give me a couple of minutes of your time, so you can learn to get a LOT more energy so you can do better work, enjoy better time with your family or whatever you want to achieve by increasing your energy by 100%.

1. Eat enough carbs You follow a plant-based diet

That’s a great fundament for having enough energy. But are you eating enough carbohydrates? Our brain needs carbs to function properly. And the glycogen reserves that we have (meaning, carbohydrates) are an indication to how much energy we do have.

2. Time your meals The biggest drain on our energy level is our digestion.

Time your meals

That’s why we feel tired after a big meal. The energy that used to be available for our brain goes straight to our digestion. To make sure that we do have energy when we need it, we should therefore time our meals.

For example I do my best work in the morning. I wake up at 5, focus for 4h at a specific task, and then have my first meal around 9 or 10.

This gives me 4 hours of focused work, without a single drain of digestion.

3. Eat more fiber Next to timing our meals we also have to make sure that our digestion is functioning properly.

How do we do that? We eat enough fiber during the day. The minimum amount of fiber we should be aiming for is 30 grams. Ideally we should be aiming for 50 grams and more a day. A rather weird study on paleo poop found out that our ancestors ate up to 100g of fiber a day ..

4. Have a consistent sleep schedule If you want to have better energy, nutrition is not enough.

You also have to focus on sleep: And what is the FASTEST way to increase your sleep quality? Having a consistent sleep schedule. Meaning: Go to bed at the same consistent time. Wake up at the same consistent time. Even on the weekends. If this is too hard to stick to, start with waking up at the same time every single day. Even if you feel tired and got way too little sleep. You can still take a nap afterwards. But if energy is our main focus, we should aim to routine our sleep. Our body thrives on routine. So having a consistent sleep routine will make your sleep that more restorative.

5. Drink enough water Not drinking enough water can make or break your productivity and your energy levels during the day.

Drinking water

This is especially true in warm climates and on days we exercise. Slight dehydration can lead to massive performance decreases – BEFORE giving you indications of thirst.

So the belief that you can solely rely on your thirst for guiding your water intake, is simply not true.

So, make it a habit to drink enough water during the day on autopilot. Aim to drink 3-4 liters of water daily.

6. Exercise / cardio Our perceived energy levels are related to our cerebral blood flow.

How do we increase our blood flow to our brain? Is there something we can do? Yes we can. We can do cardio. Cardio not only improves our blood circulation in general, it also has been shown to increase our blood flow to our brain. An easy way to incorporate cardio in your routine is to hold ‘walking meetings’. Steve Jobs was a big believer in that. Instead of sitting down for a meeting, Steve usually went for a walk with the person that he discussed business with. A habit worth considering ..

7. Control your mind The previous tips optimized your body chemistry.

Now, if you still do not see a significant improvement in energy, you’re either impatient, because those changes do take a few days to a few weeks to take hold, or, you’re not yet able to control your mind.

See , what you focus on with your mind largely determines whether you do have energy or not. I think we all can make ourselves sad by focusing on something that just goes wrong in our lives. Maybe it’s a nasty argument with our partner that you play in your mind over and over again. Focusing on this makes us lethargic, sad and weak.

On the other hand, we can aim to control our mind to focus on something positive. If we focus on our goals and what we’re grateful for, we get strong. We feel in control and we get energy. What helps with controlling your mind is practice. And the best way to practice is meditation. I personally sit down 15 minutes every day and focus on my breath. Watch another great video called ‘As A Vegan You Need To Know These 3 Things To Lose Weight’