Are Humans Meat Eaters? – Frugivore Diet

10.000 dollars, that’s what a life is worth to the cigarette industry.
A cigarette company makes about 1 cent profit per cigarette sold.
Meaning approximately 1.000.000 cigarettes need to be smoked, until one person dies.

Crazy. I mean, our body has remarkable healing tools. Doesn’t it?
Only decades later you realize the side effects of your current decisions.
If you smoke a cigarette it often takes years for your lungs to fail.

If you sleep on a cheap mattress it often takes years until you feel back pain.
If you eat meat, it often takes years until your arteries are clogged.
Heart disease is our current leading cause of death.

The main risk factor for heart disease are dietary factors.
Meaning humans do not eat, what they’re supposed to eat.
But what are humans supposed to eat?
A tool for finding out, which diet is best for animals is comparing their digestive system with their functional body size.
And if you compare the digestive system of humans, with their functional. body size.

Humans land on the frugivore part.

Meaning humans have apparently evolved, to eat fruits.
And there are some facts underlying this statements.
Your body doesn’t have an enzyme to produce Vitamin C, which means you have to consume it with your diet.
Vitamin C is only found in plants.

Along with Vitamin C, fruits also contains other essential nutrients for your body.
A very important nutrient is carbohydrates.
Your body depends the most on carbohydrates or sugar, because it is the main fuel for your brain.
In fact it’s so depended that right in your mouth, you have an enzyme, called ämileis, that is able to split up carbohydrates immediately.
Protein and fat digestion only starts later.
On top of that your eyes can distinguish a wide array of colors.
And your capability to see the colors as you do now has developed by your food choices.

These red berries that you see now are not objectively red, your brain tells you that these are red, based through the information that the cells in your eyes provided.

Some animals have night vision, some see infrared lights, we on the other hand are able to see the color in delicious fruits.

Now I want you to take a moment out and honestly look at your body, are you a predator?

You don’t have claws, you don’t have the right teeth to rip apart an animal.
If you put a kid in front of a rabbit, the first reaction will be to either cry or pet the rabbit.
If the kid starts killing and ripping the rabbit in pieces, let me know or better let a therapist now.

We may have evolved long, opposable thumbs, to manifacture hunting tools.
But thumbs can also be used to grab berries, form a fist to punch other humans or communicate.
Put yourselves in the shoes, or feet, of our ancestors for one second, if you had the choice of eating some freshly picked fruits that literally grow out of the dirt.

Or manufacture tools, using valuable calories that you need to survive, then hunting down an animal for hours burning valuable calories again and then taking your time out to cook the food?

When hunting down bigger animals, there is even the possibility of losing an important member of your tribe.

And how long can you store raw meat again? Couple hours?

You would always, if you do not absolutely had to, choose the berry option. Because it is just way easier.
Humans are capable of hunting though and humans can digest animal products.
This was of course very important in surviving in our past. Especially if we think about ice ages.
And that’s why humans are per definition classified as omnivores.
But humans also have the ability to smoke, although millions of people die every year.

Should we be classified as smokers now, just because we have the ability to do so?

We live in a time where we can go to a supermarket, and pick and choose which foods we want to eat.

So we might as well pick the foods, that seem to be good for us.