7 Ways Being Fit Has Changed My Life (WOW!)

In this post you’ll learn how becoming fit will change your life.

I’m going to be fully real and personal with you, and share with you 7 stories from my life that shows you what lays in store, if you continue on this journey. No one really talks about that, but the goal of this post will be to motivate you and inspire you to keep going.

So let’s jump right into it.

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1. Rockstar Self Esteem

Just recently a friend has opened up about his insecurities. Whenever he hops on public transport, he feels like he’s getting judged for his appearance.

As soon as he catches a stare, he feels he’s getting judged for his body shape and his looks..

This is completely different from the reality of a fit person. This is one of the main benefits of being fit:

Whenever I hop on a bus or public transport – and happen to get stared at – I think the other person LIKES what he sees.

If the other person is a woman, I can’t help but feel that she is attracted to what she’s looking it.

Becoming fit therefore has massive impacts on your self esteem.

2. Next Level Dating Life

This is a ‘secret benefit of being trained, because most people don’t like to talk about that.

But let’s be personal here: A lot of my fit clients open up about the different reactions that they get while using online dating apps (after their transformation).

While I’m not a fan of online dating apps in general, I can attest to that as well.

However, there’s a more vivid and recent example of the benefits of being fit physically that I would like to highlight here:

On a recent trip to Sao Paulo, Brazil, a woman opened the conversation in an elevator.

“Where are you from?”, “What is your name?”, “Do you have Instagram?”.

That girl turned out to be a quite famous brazilian model.. and I may or may not have gone on a few dates with that person.

Being fit has massive impacts on your dating life.

3. Command The Room With Your Presence

Just recently a clerk in a supermarket opened a conversation with me, while I was standing in line at the register.

The clerk started talking, slightly anxious, about a faster checkout service that I could profit from (if I would happen to pay with card, not cash).

I friendly replied that on this day, I just have cash on me.. Generic reply, I thought. Yet:

I heard no response back.

The clerk stared at me for a few seconds. And then replied with: “I just lost my train of thought. I feel a bit nervous.”

Completely bewildered by the situation I replied: “Why.. why would you feel nervous?”

The clerk caught his thought and replied: “I feel a bit intimitated by you.”

This has happened a few times since putting in the work and improving myself. People start to get intimidated by you.

And you start commanding the room with your presence.

4. Excelling In Sports

I’m a heavy martial artist fan.

I have trained Karate, Boxing, Thaiboxing, MMA as well as Krav Maga. Combined for a number of years.

I just recently picked up thaiboxing again at a local gym. Anxious I was entering the gym, thinking that I might be ripped apart mid-air.

Contrary to my expectations, in the first training I was keeping up with the teacher.

The teacher put me through a rigid and hard training schedule. This as a complete beginner (or ‘experienced’ beginner).

Being fit is the fundament for excelling in all sports that you would like to undertake. From martial arts to rockclimbing and even hiking.

It is a massive asset to your life. The benefits of being slim and fit is that you learn sports FASTER and you excell at them FASTER.

5. Impressing Doctors

Doctors almost admire you when you’re fit.

Let me explain: Overweight and obese people report feeling judged by their health care practitioners.

This is ABSOLUTELY not the case if you’re a fit person.

I recently went to a skin doctor and after I took off my shirt – he needed to check out my moles – he added:

“You’ll probably be alright. You seem to be super fit.”

Before even checking out my skin in detail! I replied with:

“Yes, thank you. But can we check out my skin first before we determine if I truly am?”

This almost seems like becoming fit and healthy adds new problems: Convincing the doctors that you indeed need checking.

I ended up having no problems though.

6. Mental Health Benefits

There are huge mental benefits of being physically fit.

On a trip to Moscow 2 years ago I got depressed.

Well, almost. I needed to go 2 weeks without training and a general feeling of hopelessness and gloom overcame my usual positive mood.

After the end of the trip I almost couldn’t bear it.

And then it dawned on me: “Is everyone feeling like this? Is this a normal state of feeling for people that do not train?”

If you take a look at the use of antidepressants, this might well be.

How many people could go off their meds if they’d simply embrace regular exercise? Makes one wonder.

7. Celebrity Feeling

One of the key benefits of being healthy and fit is that people SEE that you’re healthy and fit.

I was strolling on a beach in Bali a few months ago and a group of folks came up to me:

“Can we take a picture of you?”

I replied stunned: “Taking a picture of.. what? Me?”

“Yes, you! Look at your body!”

I almost couldn’t believe it!

These strangers indeed came up to ask me to pose for a picture!

A few years ago I was sucking in my stomach while being shirtless. Only a few short years ago I preferred to go into the beach with my shirt on.

Yet here some people that I did not know asked me for pictures. Now that’s a WIN!

I declined friendly though, the entire thing seemed a bit too weird for me.

Maybe I’ll get used to this sometime in the future.