Bill Gates URGES People To Go Vegan

In a recent interview, Bill Gates stated:

“I do think all rich countries should move to 100% synthetic beef.”

Here’s why Bill Gates is saying that and why this is quite a big deal:

Bill Gates’ Ulterior Motives

We all know Bill Gates. Billionaire, business magnate that was on the forefront of the software revolution.

Worked with Steve Jobs, created Software for Apple, founded Microsoft, put personal computers in every home.

Quite an achievement.

However, in recent years, Bill Gates has switched from business master to full-fletched philanthropist.

Is this just an evil business move and is Bill Gates aiming to make more money? No, this was Bill Gates plan since a long-time.

25 years ago. At Warren Buffett’s 65th birthday. Bill Gates said that he never wants to die rich:

“Shouldn’t the measure of accomplishment be how many lives you can save with a given amount of money? He agreed with Buffett that you had to make the money first in order to have the money to give away. But as soon as he had made a certain amount, Gates said, he was going to use it to save more lives in the present, by giving most of it away.”

So Bill Gates, in my controversial opinion, is not an evil guy. He’s simply following the playbook of Andrew Carnegie. The guy that made $500 million in the steel business, but at the time of his dead, was ‘only’ worth less than 10% of that amount.

So what are his thoughts on meat? And why is it important to him?

Bill Gates On Synthetic Beef

It’s evidently clear that Bill Gates is not interested in the well-being of animals.

He also does not care much about personal well-being it seems.

What he cares a lot about is climate change.

In his recent book ‘How To Avoid A Climate Disaster’ Bill Gates actually puts a heavy emphasis on the role of livestock in climate change.

He writes:

“Raising animals for food is a major contributor of greenhouse gas emissions”

And in my view, that is super awesome to see Bill Gates being vocal about that issue and actually looking to make a change.

Remember, 7 years ago even organizations such as GreenPeace were not even writing about the importance of food in global warming.

So we certainly see a switch there. And progression in the right direction and that is huge.

What I do not like though, is that Bill Gates is still too soft in that area:

He talks about ways to:

‘Put North American cattle to Africa and south America [..]’

.. because they’re genetically bred to produce less methane than the local cattle there. Soft.

I mean shouldn’t we just stop livestock and move to plant-based options globally?

For Bill Gates that is too ‘extreme’:

“A hard-core vegan might propose another solution: Instead of trying all these ways of reducing emissions, we should just stop raising livestock. I can see the appeal of that argument, but I don’t think it’s realistic.”

So Bill Gates thinks it’s easier to convince people of next-generation nuclear power, than it is to switch to a plant-based meat alternative?

I disagree.

Here’s my opinion, on Bill Gates:

I personally think that the climate change issue is so big, that we should not worry about what is realistic or not. What we should be focusing on is ‘what needs to be done.’

And fact of the matter is that livestock and its byproducts account, according to the makers of cowspiracy, for 51% of the global greenhouse gas emissions.

That’s quite a big issue.