Fellow Vegan, Did You Know That…

… You’re Just One Call Away From Changing Anything In Your Life?

And yep… that includes your health & fitness.

In this 15-min call, vegan fitness experts Florian & Jack will:

  • Identify your key health and fitness goals, motivations and road blocks

  • Help you cut through confusion and gain massive clarity

  • Create a clear road map for you so you can achieve your individual fitness goals – quickly and sustainably (even if you’ve tried almost everything before)

  • Find out if the synergy is right, so we can hold you by the hand and support you towards your goals (if not: No pressure, we’ll part as friends)

Look, You Don’t Need ‘More Time’. You Need The Right Advisors:


Executive Coach: Jack Dempsey

Vegan since 6 years. Got coached by Florian for 1 year. Gained 30lbs+ of solid muscle in the process. Here pictured with legendary scientist Dr. T. Colin Campbell.

Location: US

Founder: Florian Wüest

Vegan for the animals since 7 years. Founder of fitvegans.com. Book nerd. Drinks too much coffee – and is unapologetic about it.

Location: Switzerland

1,000s of Vegans Have Hopped On A Call With Us… Here’s How It Turned Out For Them:

katrina testimonial before and after

How Katrina, A Busy Vegan Mom, Lost 28Lbs In 6 Months

Katrina joined our ‘Fit Vegan Evolution’ program 6 months ago, as her doctor told her that her blood pressure was off-base.

She felt unhealthy, and her ‘life was a mess’. She was 28lbs overweight and chronically dehydrated, and as a busy mom – had absolutely no time to figure this ‘fitness thing’ out by herself.

In her desperation, Katrina took a leap of faith, reached out to us – and decided to give this program a shot.

6 months later, Katrina made a ‘complete 180’. She’s bikini ready. She has more energy, and her life has changed. She refers to the program as ‘the best investment she’s ever made’.

How Busy Vegan Mom Katherine Lost 11.2lbs Of Fat And Got A Sixpack

Before working with Florian I felt insecure about my body. I wanted to tone up. I wanted to look and feel stronger to deal with the daily challenges of being a new vegan mom.

I was frustrated because I didn’t know what to do next – and all the programs that I’ve tried in the past didn’t work for me.

When I met Florian I was hesitant, but I really wanted to give this a try. So I did.

And well, I became a believer very quick.

After working with Florian for a few months I’ve lost 11.2lbs of fat. I gained muscle on my arms – and even achieved a sixpack!

This had a massive impact on my confidence, self esteem and my dail