Why Conor McGregor Is On Steroids [UFC] – Steroids Face Change

If you’re an UFC fan like me, you’ll notice that the notorious Conor McGregor looks different in his newest pictures.

This might just mean that he’s very, very, very likely on steroids. Here’s why:

In this article you’ll discover:

  1. A simple hack to tell if someone is on steroids.
  2. Why Conor McGregor might be cheating – but will still not be caught in the UFC
  3. And why this a nasty, ugly and vicious problem

For those that are new here: I’m Florian, award-winning personal trainer and published author.

So let’s just dive right in:

Performance Enhancing Drugs And Muscle Growth

There’s two ways you can build muscle: [1]

  • There’s something called developmental muscle growth
  • And there’s something called load-induced muscle growth

Developmental muscle growth is, as the name implies, muscle growth that happens throughout the development of a person.

A young boy throughout his teenage years will start to look and sound markedly different, right? Because the hormones will start to do its job.

  • Developmental muscle growth affects the entire body, and is typically most visible on the shoulders neck and face.
  • Load-induced muscle growth is, as the name implies, muscle growth that happens because of load.

If you do biceps curls with a dumbbell, and your biceps gets bigger, load-induced muscle growth happened.

Load-induced muscle growth is localized. [2] Meaning: If you train the biceps, only the biceps will grow.

Why does that differentiation matter?

Simple Hack To Tell If Someone Is On Steroids

Because steroids, largely focus on developmental muscle growth. [3]

That’s why typically female bodybuilders on steroids tend to develop quite masculine facial features and voices.

That’s why typically male bodybuilders on steroids have these overly masculine faces with those ridiculously broad jaws.

While Conor McGregor’s face was certainly very masculine before, we can see that in recent months the facial features have clearly changed to be even more masculine.

Do Steroids Change Your Face?

Of course Conor McGregor was much younger in the previous pictures, but facial features tend to not change that much after puberty.

The biggest hack to find out whether a person is taking steroids, especially testosterone, is to find out if that person displays signs of developmental muscle-growth. This also works for testosterone replacement therapy, as a similar mechanism is in place.

That means: If the person is displaying a sudden change in facial features and neck and shoulder musculature. Which we all see in Conor McGregor’s case.

While this hack does not work in 100% of all cases, it strongly increases the odds that a person is on steroids.

Why Conor McGregor Will Not Be Caught In The UFC

Even though the notorious UFC fighter McGregor is likely on steroids, he’ll likely compete and not be caught. Why?

There’s two reasons for it:

  1. He’ll hop off anabolic steroids a few months before the drug test, so his doping is not recognizable anymore.

Because the effects of developmental muscle-growth are there long-term, he’s got all the benefits of using steroids without the risk. He will not be testing positive, if he’s smart enough.

  1. Fighting is show business. And the ordinary is simply not as interesting as the drug-induced extraordinary.

Especially if that extraordinary individual is a hissing, dolly-throwing Conor McGregor.

So in while the UFC is a great organization that is interested in keeping things “fair”, what the UFC is most interested in is keeping things profitable.

UFC Fighters On Performance Enhancing Drugs: The Problem

This is all a problem, because having a higher amount of muscles are a clear advantage in fighting.

  • You not only get injured less often, which might be one of the reasons Conor hopped on the steroids after his recent traumatizing leg snap.

You can imagine your muscles as the first line of defense. So before some of the bones get snapped, your muscles contract and take most of the blow.

  • More muscle also help you to deliver more devastating blows.

Your punching power and kicking power is determined by the total amount of muscle you have in your body.

While Conor McGregor on steroids is even more dangerous than he was before…

The True Danger: UFC Heavyweight Championship

UFC fighters are smashing machines. UFC fighters on a banned substance are even dangerous.

Yet UFC heavyweight fighters on anabolic steroids? That is a recipe for disaster.

You can imagine your muscles here as a motor, and the more motors you have in your body (that work together in a synchronized fashion), the more power your hits will pack. Heavyweight fighters on steroids is a highway to serious injuries.

So anyway, this can all become a problem because having an excessive amount of muscle can deal devastating injuries to your opponent (which again, is aggravated in heavyweight fighters):

You see Michael Bisping (“only” middleweight) lost his eye to an opponent which later turned out to be abusing steroids. And that s*cks.

So the downside of this all, is if the opponent is not abusing steroids, he’s at a clear dangerous disadvantage.

How Many UFC Fighters Are On Performance Enhancing Drugs?

A lot. Because the stakes are high in fighting. And athletes are always looking for an advantage – or at least, to not be left behind.

Which creates a vicious cycle in the UFC, until later (or maybe already now) every fighter is juicing.

UFC Fighters Who Failed A Drug Test

The previous UFC fighters who have been tested positive – or were involved in a doping scandal – include:

  • Anderson Silva
  • Tim Sylvia (former UFC heavyweight champion)
  • Brock Lesnar
  • Royce Gracie
  • Jon Jones
  • Alistair Overeem
  • Donald Cerrone
  • Ken Shamrock
  • Nick Diaz (marijuahna though)

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