Discover the truth behind buying junk food

“I needed to buy that vegan junk food because I wanted to support this vegan company.”

No. The truth is that we bought that junk food because we wanted it.

Now, we’re searching for rational reasons to our previous emotional decision. We’re rationalizing. And we feel bad in the process, because we know we’re not fully honest with ourselves.

The solution?

If your goal is weight loss, you MUST wean yourself off vegan junk food for a while.

So if you currently do have junk food in your cupboards: Trash it.

It’s time for you to make a statement to yourself. You spent the money already. You supported the company.

The product, more often than not, is better in the trash than in your body.

Sounds extreme?

Yes, it is. That’s good. It increases the method’s effectiveness. I’m serious, trash your junk food now.

You want to start being in control of your actions again. You want to build a better relationship with food. You want to stop being a slave to companies that profit the fatter and unhealthier its customers are.

And the only way you can do that if you were a lifelong junk food consumer, is to break the chains of habit.

‘But.. but.. it’s about moderation!’

Sure it’s about moderation, yet it’s hard to ‘moderate’ oneself, if the products are engineered by food scientists to make them as addictive as possible.

‘So.. Florian, what is your strategy?’

Look, I personally do enjoy vegan junk food now and then. I can do that because I have a good relationship with food and I can control my actions well.

‘How did you achieve that?’


I weaned myself off junk food. I have ZERO habit patterns associated with unhealthy food. ZERO cravings.

And that, my vegan friend, is as freeing as it sounds. I eat a vegan pancake or a vegan burger about once per month in a social setting. That’s it.

I neither rationalize nor beat myself up after such junk food consumption. I have no reason to. I can enjoy the junk food fully and support the company with good conscience. Why?

Because my results are there.

My energy is great. My confidence is top-notch. I see a well-defined six pack when I look in the mirror. I am happy with my body and I have, what some might call, moderation.

The moral of the story:

The easiest person to lie to is you. So, be real with yourself.

You have to realize that the current behavior of eating junk food is not serving you. You’re not doing it to support the company. You’re doing it because you like it – and it’s not serving you.

So wean yourself off of it.

The way to truly build a better relationship with food is to actively swing the pendulum in the opposite direction. You must go from excess to restraint.

Once you don’t feel ANY cravings again with junk food, which is a good sign that the habit is broken, you might slowly introduce junk foods back in your life.