Elon Musk’s ABSURD Health Habits

Elon Musk, we all know that name, what pops to mind is billionaire & genius & father of doge coin. Yet what amazes me about Elon Musk is that while being a super genius, Elon is super stupid in other areas of his life.

  • He smoked a joint on a Joe Rogan podcast.
  • He called a person on Twitter a pedo guy, which lead to a lawsuit.
  • And he got married and divorced to the same woman twice.

Come on, Elon.

Another extremely irrational thing about Elon is his lifestyle habits.

In his biography, the author writes that:

“It’s funny in a way that Musk spends so much time talking about man’s survival but isn’t willing to address the consequences of what his lifestyle does to his body.”

“Elon came to the conclusion early in his career that life is short,” Straubel said. “If you really embrace this, it leaves you with the obvious conclusion that you should be working as hard as you can.”

See, while life is indeed a very transient experience, the belief that life is short can be:

1. A self-fulfilling prophecy

Meaning if you think that life is short, you’ll make behaviours associated with further shortening your lifespan.

This is irrational, because even if you optimize your life for work output as Elon Musk does, you are:

  1. By the sheer definition, you get a higher amount of work done if you live a longer time. And:
  2. Even if you have the sense of urgency, that Elon Musk has, you are getting a better quality of work done IF you treat your body properly.


“Obese individuals show broad impairments in what are called executive functions of the brain, such as working memory, decision-making, planning, cognitive flexibility, and verbal fluency. These play a critical role in everyday life.”

“There are actually structural brain differences between normal-weight and overweight individuals.”

“A review entitled “Does the Brain Shrink as the Waist Expands?” noted gray matter atrophy across all ages among those carrying excess body fat”

We also should remember that our own choices regarding our health are not only affecting us, but also living beings around us.

While I love Elon Musk, he needs to be aware that his daily choices:

  1. Affect the quantity and the quality of time that he can spend with his 7 children.
  2. Affects other sentient being that can not give consent.
  3. Affect the amount of good that he can produce for the planet.

The last point bears elaborating because I do think that Elon Musk is a public treasure and he’s aware of that responsibility.

While Elon has of course freedom of choice with his daily actions, I do think that the better he treats his body the better he’s able to do good.