Dr. Eric Berg EXPOSED – How To Lose Belly Fat On A Vegan Diet

Dr. Berg (chiropractor and owner of a health and wellness center) recently has made a video about ‘How To Lose Belly Fat As A Vegan’.

Today I, award-winning personal trainer and published author, will react to Dr. Eric Berg and see whether or not his advice is solid.

Because a lot of people might wonder:

  • “Is Dr Eric Berg DC legitimate?” / “Is Doctor Eric Berg Legit?”
  • “Does Dr. Eric Berg’s advice help for weight loss?”

The answer to these questions might be more shocking than you think:

Is Dr. Eric Berg Legitimate?

Well, let’s go to the question that is important to determine Dr. Eric Berg’s credibility:

“Is Dr. Eric Berg legit?”

While some of the advice that is propagated in Dr. Eric Berg’s videos is indeed sensible, there are a few things that people need to know:

  • Dr. Berg is not a medical doctor. But a chiropractor, with a doctor degree.
  • Dr. Berg’s nutritional advice is rather flawed.
  • Dr. Berg’s advice is highly controversial on aspects such as ‘fasting can cure cancer’. Cancer is a serious disease that typically needs a multitude of trained medical specialists to treat for.

The ketogenic diet (keto diet) is flawed. [1], [2]

And new studies clearly show that intermittent fasting will not help you lose weight long-term. [3]

You do not need keto or intermittent fasting for losing weight. You need a caloric deficit. [4]

But Dr. Berg doesn’t see it that way. I wonder if it might be because the truth is too simple to make actual money and sell supplements?

This might also be why his reviews are typically not that good:

Dr. Eric Berg Reviews

On Trustpilot, a wildly trusted review site, Dr. Berg’s website has a review of 3/5.

37% of the reviewers, as of today 12th March 2023, gave a review of 1 stars. Including Jo here:

dr eric berg reviews

While typically the customer service team of Dr. Berg gets most of the flag – the reality is that his products are well marketed – but badly sold.

Because they do not solve the underlying issue.

Real medical doctors – and the medical industry as a whole – agree with that:

The Health Advice Of Medical Doctors

While the nutrition advice of medical doctors can vary to a decent degree…

… as medical students are known to complain about their lack of nutritional schooling… [5]

the medical doctors that focus on nutrition are universally spewing out the same advice:

physicians committee for responsible medicine

The Physicians Committee of Responsible Medicine

The advice from the physicians committee for responsible medicine is clear:

More plants, less animal protein.

While plants contain a lot of carbohydrates, this clearly goes against the advice that Dr. Berg is promoting.

Another very influential doctor is…

michael greger nutritionfacts

Michael Greger M.D.

Dr. Michael Greger is a wildly famous nutrition expert and best-selling author. He’s known for writing the fantastic book ‘How Not To Diet’, and founding Nutritionfacts.org.

Which is currently the largest, non-governmental, non-profit nutritional information site.

In his best-selling books he clearly outlines that – irrespective of the advice out there – the key thing that matters to lose weight is calories. [6]

So to listen to Dr. Eric Berg’s videos only for weight loss reasons is not beneficial. As it can be considered misleading.


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