The Dark Secret Of Ex Vegans – Psychology Of Power

Some ex vegans have a big dark secret – that most of them will likely take to their graves.

It’s a gnarly, hideous secret – that hides in their mental basement afraid of ever being dragged to the sunlight.

In this video, we’ll go down into that basement – drag that sucker out by the collar and present it on stage for everyone to see.

For those that are new here: Hi, I’m Florian – award-winning personal trainer, published author and vegan since 8 years.

So let’s just dive right in:

Follow The Money

In politics they say “follow the money”. Which means: Look who’s making money in a given situation, and you’ll know who’s the puppeteer, secretly pulling the strings.

“Follow the money” can also be translated into “follow the incentives”. Which means: Look at what people have to gain, irrespective of money, that can be advantageous.

In this video we’ll take a look at the power game of veganism – and the dark secrets this brings along with it:

Before we start, it’s important to mention that I do not attribute any of these dark secrets mentioned to a particular vegan or ex-vegan. Life is too short to throw wild unsubstantiated claims at people.

Instead, I want you to see this video as a tool in your tool belt. Or as a type of glasses you can put on to screen the people or influencers around you.

Most of the psychological tactics revealed to you here can be applied to any interpersonal dynamics. You’ll have a better relationship life and you’ll better know how to navigate the treacherous waters of the corporate world.

So if you my friend are ready to follow the money, we can dive in:

0. Actions Speak Louder Than Words

This is point zero, because frankly, this needs to be the basics of interpreting and understanding the behaviors of others: You always have to look at actions, not words.

If you want to follow the money, meaning look at the incentives of a person, while paying attention to their words – you’ll be lured straight to the comfy living room, where a glass of wine, classical music and all the other happy slappy social facade is waiting for you.

But if you look at the actions, you’ll be able to sneak out from the living room and head straight to the basement, where their true motives are.

Children already understand how to find the basement, because they look at what their parents do – not what they say. That’s why it’s so important to be in shape as a father or mother, because the quickest way to guarantee that you’re children are in shape is to be in shape yourself.

And the reason for that, is because children’s relentlessly focus on behaviors. And you should do too!

Because of two reasons:

  1. Behaviors cost more calories – so in the past, they had bigger energy-consequences.
  2. And behaviors typically have real world pay-offs and drawbacks – whereas most words do not.

Lesson 0: Eating Meat IS The Message

Ever heard the saying that the “medium is the message”?

Instead of looking at the words of an ex vegan, you’re better off looking at their behaviors (the medium).

If an ex-vegan tells you that they believe very much in the virtues of veganism and the vegan diet, but then end up started eating meat – you know where their true values are.

1. Struggle For Power

Every person you know is deeply intertwined in a complex, never ending struggle for power.

As Robert Greene, best-selling author and philosopher, writes in his books: “People want power and they want to disguise this wanting of power. And so, they play games.”

There is no person that is beyond playing games. And typically, influencers and celebrities are the worst sort. It’s as Marlon Brando said:

Typically, a person does not create a Youtube channel for altruistic reasons. It’s universally a case of furthering their own personal agenda.

Typically, the struggle for power and social significance is highest in young males between the ages of 18-28. Usually, before they’re married and before they got their first child.

Which is ‘coincidentally’ the average age of a Youtuber:

The reason for that is that, as Henry Kissinger said: “Power is an aphrodisiac.” If you do have power it’s easier to find one or many potential mates.

But once the person is post-marriage and child-birth – potential mates are not required anymore (usually) – meaning suddenly some of the power sacrifices are losing its thrill.

Which is typically when Influencers stop being so active on social media, right? What a coincidence.

Lesson 1: Vegan Community Outrage Explained

Typically, the vegan community loses their minds after a former vegan starts eating meat. Why?

It might be because vegans unconsciously notice that some of the ex-vegans were purely motivated by power.

Irrespective of the outward altruistic motives of a celebrity or influencer. Irrespective of the claims that they’re doing it:

  • “Purely for the vegan community”
  • “Purely to boycott eating meat”

Many vegans are motivated by power and social significance. Often more so than you’d think.

So while probably a Dr. Dean Ornish or a Dr. John McDougall is still motivated by some of these things, they’re less so than an up-and-coming influencer in their 20s.

Also, vegan doctors are typically less motivated by gaining power – as they’ve already achieved a powerful position in society using their doctor title. You can read an article about 7 legendary plant-based doctors here:

Why does it matter?


2. Veganism Is A Vehicle For Power

Here’s a prediction: If the future is at all positive. Meaning, if we do not end up bombing each other to oblivion in the next century…

… then veganism or the end of mass-scale animal exploitation is going to be one of the key things our generation will be known for.

While great minds such as Leonardo Da Vinci have connected the dots in the past:

In today’s age, veganism is an idea for which it’s time has come. Or better: Veganism is an idea for which it’s technology has come.

In the next few years, as vegan food (especially fake meat) will become less expensive and better, meaning: It will align with the self-interest of people – more people will identify as being vegan. Because a natural human tendency is to see yourself in the best possible light, and to associate with people of your kind.

  • So if you eat fake meat, because its’ cheaper.
  • And drink plant milk, because it’s cheaper.
  • After some time, you’ll delude yourself into thinking that you’re doing these things for altruistic reasons. Meaning you’ll identify as a vegan.

So over the long-term, you can imagine veganism as a big raising tide. And if you’re motivated by power, one of the first things that you’ll do when seeing that raising tide is grabbing your damn surfboard.

We’ve seen this in 2019, when the Game Changers documentary came out and suddenly most influencers under the sun where grabbing their surfboards.

But because right now veganism is in temporary winter season, and most influencers have the time horizon of a goldfish…

… with no offense to the goldfish…

you see a lot of vegans becoming ex-vegans.

Lesson 2 – The Vegan Diet Functions Like The Market

The market is steadily growing, but it undergoes cycles. The growth of the vegan diet long-term resembles this:

  • There are some times when the vegan diet is incredibly popular. Typically, after a documentary has been released or a new vegan product.
  • There are times when the vegan diet is less popular. Typically, after a celebrity has decided to ditch veganism. Or some of the new vegan products have failed.

So the gauge the true motives of an influencer (or frankly any person), is to look at a long-term time horizon. You can not accurately judge the beliefs or motives of a person in a 1 month or even 1 year time horizon.

It usually takes about 10-20 years until the true motives surface.

Especially pay attention to the motives during times of boom and bust. If a person stops being ex-vegan in times of bust, it might be because they’ve played a power game.

3. Cloak Selfish Motives

Veganism is such a wonderful tool for power because it’s virtuous, new – and promising.

You can imagine it not only as a rising tide, but also as a beautiful umbrella, an influencer can use to cloak their selfish motives from the public spotlight.

In the legendary book ’33 Strategies of War’, Robert Greene calls this strategy: ‘Occupy The Moral High Ground’:

If you can attach your selfish motives with an altruistic virtuous movement, you cloak your own selfish motives.

You see this in people such as Elon Musk: Elon Musk ruthlessly lays off thousands of people with a single email and treats all of his employees like pawns on a chessboard.

All of this is justified and accepted, because his motives are to bring us to Mars and accelerate the transition to a sustainable energy future. Right?

So his end goal serves as this umbrella, that cloaks all of his potentially selfish motives and ruthless behavior – from public scrutiny.

Now while Elon might truly be the exception of the rule, in that his mission chose him vs. him choosing his mission for power motives…

… we can never ever forget that Elon is a player in the power game just like us, and so far, he’s the best in the world at it.

Lesson 3 – Screen For Vegans That Are Too Politically Correct

The third point to add to your filtering glasses is to be generally skeptic about any vegan influencer that is overly politically correct.

Typically, when a person:

  • Follows a raw vegan diet to “achieve a higher level of consciousness”
  • Avoids eating animal products for “spiritual reasons”
  • Shuns people eating animal foods for their lack of “moral worth”

I’ve typically found that the more outspoken a person is about their selfish motives, the more they can be trusted. Because…

if you can not consciously realize that you’re a monkey driven by primitive, monkey motives, you’re probably the biggest monkey in the room.

One of the best and quickest ways to improve your status is to get in fantastic physical shape.

Even better, unlike the power games of veganism, there is no collateral damage and you don’t have to live in a house that is built on a fundament of lies.

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Conclusion: The Dark Secret Of Ex Vegans [Psychology Explained]

To minimize the chances that you’re feeling exhausted after being confronted with yet another influencer that has jumped – or left the bandwagon…

… I’ve outlined some of the most common hidden power motives.

For you personally, to make sure that you can stay vegan the longest, here’s what I recommend:

  1. Be a fit vegan, because fit vegans – stay vegans. If you get health problems along the way, you’re not rational and you’re more likely to ditch veganism in an emotional outburst. Avoid processed foods, and exercise often. Prioritize your health, and you will be vegan longer, because your biology influences your psychology.
  2. Don’t follow a raw vegan diet. You invite unnecessary complexity, and the chances of a raw vegan to make veganism work is much lower than the chances of a vegan that eats cooked food. Finding vegan food in a supermarket is already difficult. Finding raw vegan food is even more difficult. Remember that over the long-term, simplicity scales and complexity fails.
  3. To make veganism work, choose it for the right motives. Irrespective of your motives, as long as you don’t eat animals, you’re great in my eyes. However, I’ve typically found that vegans that stay vegans for the animals and other deep-rooted beliefs stay vegans longer. The best fundament for the vegan nutrition is based on a strong ethical code that eating animal products is inherently wrong.