Giving $1,000 To Michael Greger from

I’m at the homepage of, and today I’m going to do something that I planned to do since a long time. We’re going to give Michael Greger 1,000 dollars.

I’m really freaking excited, heck I’m nervous actually, to do this.

Just gotta choose the amount and fill in my payment details.

Before I’m going click on the donate button right here I want to explain you why I’ll do this. See, I became a vegan approximately 5 years ago. At that time, when I first chose forks over knives, I faced a lot of opposition.

I’ve mentioned in a video some time ago, that if it wouldn’t be for Michael Greger, I would probably not have stayed on this path of veganism.

The peer pressure was simply way too high and was always a great informational source along this journey.

On top of that Michael Greger, the founder of Nutritionfacts, is a remarkable person. He founded the channel and the website because of his grandmother, Francis Greger, that got cured by a plant-based lifestyle intervention. Nutritionfacts is set up as a charity and 100% of all their proceeds go to fund that cause.

I think Michael is one of the driving forces of the vegan movement and one of the most important pillars of this dietary change is not activism per se, but education.

I run an online vegan fitness coaching service, we help vegans become fit and I just recently decided that I’ll give 10% of our profits to vegan charities.

So the first of those 10% should go to Michael Greger from Here’s $1,000 Dr. Greger.

So is officially a benefactor, which feels freaking awesome.

On top of that I have the choice to choose over 12 digital downloads.

Honestly, probably these downloads alone are worth the $1,000. Michael is an absolute expert in the field and although he’s giving us so much FREE value, I think it’s just time to give something back.

So if you want to donate to Dr. Greger and too I leave a link here. Show some love to the legend:

If you want to become a fit vegan, and make future donations like this possible, sign up for our coaching service on by clicking here.