Going Vegan Is EASY If You Do THIS! – Beginners Guide To Going Vegan 2021

In this post a former self-proclaimed ‘meat addict’, me, will show you how you can go vegan in 2021 in a step-by-step fashion. You can use this information to enjoy your time doing Veganuary 2021 (or later in the year).

This will be a simple 5-step process that I used to become fully vegan.

Let’s dive right into the beginners guide to going vegan in 2021.

1. You must get super clear on your why

Viktor Frankl, in his seminal book, Men’s Search For Meaning, writes:

“The man who has a why, can bear almost any how.”

And that’s certainly true. When you have enough reasons to make a change you’ll do it. The one why came for me after reading the book ‘Eating Animals’ by Jonathan Safran Foer.

And that book, just punched me straight in the face. It showed me that I need to make a change.

I’ve watched other great documentaries such as Dominion, Earthlings and Cowspiracy later, but that one book made the biggest change in my life.

Action Step – Finding Your Why

Find enough reasons to go vegan, and you’ll. Bring your family on board as well. Watch the documentary together. If you’re in the same boat, it helps if everyone is rowing in the same direction.

2. You must do your due diligence

Contrary to popular belief, meat is an unnecessary part in healthy nutrition. In fact, meat has zero place in a healthy nutrition.

It’s packed with antibiotics, AGEs, possible pathogens, hormones a lot of stuff, that you don’t want to deal with.

However, vegan nutrition has it’s pitfalls as well. And that one is Vitamin B12. B12 is originally found in the soil and water supply, and right now, as our soils are getting exhausted and our water supply is artificially sanitized, we and our animals, need to supplement that vitamin.

Action Step- Due Diligence

You need to supplement 50mcg of cyanocobalamin a day or 2,000mcg of cyanocobalamin B12 per week.

3. You must define the vegan gap

The gap is the difference between your current nutrition behaviour, and your desired nutrition. Meaning, how much would you need to change to be fully vegan?

Maybe, if you analyze your nutrition, you will only find that it’s dinner. Maybe you’ll realize that you’re barely eating plants, as I did.

You must define the spectrum of your change, so you can get an overview on how hard it’s gonna be. The more animal based foods you have in your diet, the harder the change will be obviously.

Action Step – Gap Definition

Write down for 1 day what you’re eating. Which one of the foods are not vegan? And how can you make them vegan?

4. You must eat CRAP

Crap being a calorie rich and processed foods. When I became a vegan I ate a lot of them.

The easiest way to become vegan is to simply substitute all of the non-vegan food with tasty vegan food.

These foods are obviously still not perfectly healthy, but the smaller the changes are initially, the easier you can stick to it.

So let’s imagine you love eating sausages. You simply eat ‘vegan sausages’.

Let’s say you love chicken nuggets. You simply search for ‘vegan chicken nuggets’.

Action step – Eating Crap

Open google and search ‘vegan chicken nuggets near me’, or ‘buy vegan chicken nuggets online’. If you like vegan chicken nuggets and you feel like this is stopping you from reaching your goals.

5. You must make the switch to WFPB

Once you became vegan, you must make the switch to a whole food plant based diet.

The reason for that is that you want to be a good example for the people around you. You want to be a healthy and fit vegan so you can live a good life yourself and inspire others to do the same.

Action step – Switch To WFPB

Become whole food plant-based and switch previously noted foods with healthier ones. So switch the ‘vegan chicken nuggets’ with tofu.

Conclusion – Beginners Guide To Going Vegan 2021

These were the 5 steps that you need to take to become vegan. Get clear on your why, do your due diligence, define the vegan gap, eat crap and start a whole food plant-based diet.