How To Be More Attractive – 7 Secrets To Be Physically Attractive For Men

I trained hundreds of men, and one of the main reasons for them starting the gym is being hotter.

And I absolutely don’t blame them.
Being physically attractive indeed has multiple benefits.

From getting promoted faster, having a relationship with that girl that you want to getting more Instagram likes.

Okay the last one is quite a millenial thing, but you get the point.
If we agree to it or not, most human beings are very superficial.
While being attractive definitely shouldn’t only be reduced to the physical, Patrick Bateman in American Psycho is definitely very attractive, but his actions make him ugly again.

Our appearance is nonetheless crucially important.
And the question is: Why not? We live once. Why not be the most attractive versions of ourselves that we can be?

Today I want to tell you 7 secrets to be more physically attractive.

While following these tactics won’t make you a perfect ten, there are physical features that we can’t directly control, like height, facial shape or age.
It’s again not about comparing ourselves to others to unhealthy levels, it’s about being our best.

Most people think that beauty standards are heavily influenced by the evil marketing of beauty products.

This is only partially true.
Beauty products and the combined marketing have been created in the first place to satisfy our beauty standards, not to create them.

Most of our beauty standards can be traced far back in our history and have been shaped by millions of years of evolution.

So most of these points following are used in mate selection by women, as an indicator of good DNA which will create healthier offspring.

It’s also used by men of the same group to determine if you are a person worth following, or not.

I recommend the book „The Evolution Of Desire“ if you want to learn more about that part.
For now, just keep that evolutionary part in the back of our mind.

1. Build Some Muscles

It’s a freaking fact: Having muscles make you more attractive.
It also increases our confidence and gives us a sense of self mastery.
If we’re overweight the first goal should be to lose those excess pounds.

This can also improve our facial features including the jawline.

After we’re on a reasonable body fat percentage, about 15%.

I wouldn’t recommend you going sub 10% as really, women don’t care and maybe even dislike your veins.

In my experience of training hundreds of people, I’ve seen the biggest benefit in focusing on the lats, the shoulders and the chest.

This will help you develop that V-Shape which is seen as heavily attractive.
Good exercises are pull ups, chest press and military press.

2. Better Your Posture

In the book 12 rules for life by Jordan Peterson, he talks about having good posture.

Having a great posture is crucial if you’re wanting to compete in the dominance hierarchy.

We can not escape that human pecking order, so we might as well master it.

Having good posture is absolutely crucial if we ever want to compete on that hierarchy.

Having a solid workout routine should be the fundament if you’re looking to better that part of your life.

If we have bad posture, we should start each and every training with pull downs and rows and finish it off with face pulls. Remember to go easy on the chest exercises, as bad posture can also be the cause of too strong male chesticles.

3. Smell Freaking Good – Use Perfume

We should never forget that in judging a person’s attractiveness, we use all of our five senses.
A dominant one that we use is smell.

I think we all had that encounter where we met a person that was just smelling so badly, that we barely survived talking to them.

There are a couple things that we can do.

Shower atleast once per day.

Use a deodarant and very important: A perfume, I recommend versace or invictus, I got great compliments using them. Put 2 sprays on your body, one on your chest and one on your wrist and you’re good to go.

Mouth: Brush your teeth twice per day, if you’re drinking coffee then maybe even more. This comes from someone that drank 10 coffees per day as an experiment, the scent of coffee in our mouth is repulsive.

We shall brush our teeth afterwards. Which brings me to the next point:

4. Have Great Teeth

If we type in ugly men in google, we can usually find a common denominator.

They all have bad teeth.

I used to have a pretty big gap between my front teeth and it always annoyed me.
I remember one time I was returning from school, I was using the train.
A kid of my school yelled at me through the whole train compartment to come over.

Once I was there he commanded me to show him my teeth, in front of my crush back then.

I did and he responded with: Yes, it’s true. You indeed have ugly teeth.
It was one of those moments that made me realize that teeth are something really important.

It was also the main reasons why I never really smiled in pictures.
But it turned out to be so easy to fix.

When I was about 18 I made an appointment with my dentist.

Which, in an approximately 1 hour long procedure, he added some composit filling to my front teeth and shortened the sides. Similar to repairing a damaged teeth.
When I saw the final product I was enthusiastic.

This was one life-changing moment when I realized that, this has created so much agony for me, so much unhappiness and could’ve been fixed in 1 hour.
This is how we can take action:

We should remember to brush our teeth twice per day,
A gap in your teeth can be fixed with a single composit filling which is really inexpensive.

If we have bigger problems with our teeth we can use invisalign