How To Focus Like The Rock – Get More Energy Naturally

I used to have a boss that was a complete jerk.

Whenever something went wrong, he would completely lose his mind.

He would yell at the employees, telling them all kind of things.

Complete psycho I thought.. until.. I met him in his free time where he was just a completely different person.

Fully relaxed, cracking jokes, making fun of himself.

I first thought he was schizophrenic until I read about the roles in our daily life.

Chances are you’re a completely different guy at work as you are at home. Am I right? I am.

1. Know the roles in your daily life

This is not a lack of authenticity, this is simply a matter of performance.

If I’m acting like I’m acting around my best friends while working I would probably live on the streets real quick.

So whenever you train in the gym, ask yourself ‘who are you now’

Are you truly the guy that wants to lose his belly fat and build some muscles?

Or are you with your thoughts already at work, slacking with your sets?

This is the reason why the rock yells at people, it forces them to focus.

It puts them in the present moment and makes them realize what they’re trying to achieve.

If you have not enough money to hire the rock as your personal coach, use clothing to signal your body that you’re training and need his full performance.

I bought new weightlifting shoes a month ago and the difference is absolutely amazing.

Whenever I put them on, I feel like I’m in the zone.

Ready to train.

The same can be achieved with an aggressive soundtrack, it puts you in the mood to just smash the workout and leave.

So use your environment to your advantage.

Before I go to the gym I usually pack some gym clothes, have a tea and go for a 10 minute walk to the gym.

I do this nearly every time I train. It’s always the same routine.

Having a pre-workout routine signals your body that it’s game time.

It increases the heart rate and your pain tolerance, making you able to reach your goals faster.

2. Establish a great pre-workout routine.

Writing this script took me ages.

I was always checking my mobile phone, I couldn’t focus.

Same thing happens to a lot of people while training in the gym.

Recieving a text message puts you immediately out of your zone.

From the athlete that wants to lose 10 pounds to the son that needs to bring home groceries.

It’s a thin line between those things, to cross this line all you need is a text message.

Leave your phone in the locker room, or train with flightmode on while listening to music.

Focusing is something that most people struggle with.

I’m no exception.

I have a difficult time concentrating and will fall asleep if something doesn’t interest me.

What helped me tremendously was learning about our daily roles.

Ask yourself who are you now? And then act accordingly. This is a game changer.

Listen to music and buy great workout clothes to help you with that.

Don’t train in the same clothes you use in your free time, draw a line.

Putting them on should be part of your pre-workout routine.

And during the training: Put away your mobile phone.

Focus is not a magic formula, it’s often just the absence of distraction.