How To Lose The Final 10lbs – How To Stay Hungry

In this video, you will learn how you can lose the final 10 pounds of your body weight loss journey. Maybe you’ve lost 10, 20, 30, or even 30 pounds plus in the last few months.

But the 10lbs you’re about to lose right now? They’re tough – aren’t they?

In the last few years of coaching hundreds of vegans to get in shape, I’ve noticed one common theme that stops people more in that stage than anything else: Complacency.

Here’s how to avoid that:

1. Compete With Yourself.

Now, this is a common theme when it comes to the health & fitness industry. You see this in a bunch of motivational quotes: ‘You have to be in competition with yourself.’

The quote and belief is important for beginners. Because beginners need to compete with themselves as every other person will easily outcompete them.

But this belief is even more important for advanced trainees: Once you see results and once you see better results than the people around you, competition with yourself is crucial.

With a good program, suddenly you will meet up with friends and you’ll be the fittest person around. When all others are not a challenge for you anymore, you again have to compete with yourself.

The reality is that the mountain of health & fitness is sparsely populated. Few people stick to a great regime. And fewer people even stick to a great regime long enough to see great results.

2. The ‘Mirror Method’

The strategy that works best for me is the ‘Mirror method’. Here’s how it works:

Every so often, I do proper self-analysis and ask myself: “Am I the best that I can be?”

The reality is that there’s so much that we can do. Yet most of us barely scrape the surface on our potential.

We walk this earth while being a fraction of what we potentially can be. Never seeing our true inherent potential.

As humans, I believe, our duty is to fulfill and maximize our potential. To be all that we ever could dream of – and more.

Doesn’t that light a fire under your belly? Don’t you see how many people you can influence positively if you’re the best that you can be?

3. The Definition of ‘Being Hungry’

Most of us talk about ‘being hungry’ when we have nothing. When we’re out of shape, and have ‘no pot to p*ss in and no window to throw it out off’.

Let me break it to you: You’re not ‘being hungry’ in that situation. You’re being concerned with self preservation. And that, in my opinion, is different than true championship-level hunger.

As far as I’m concerned, I believe that one can only be truly hungry if one has options to not be hungry.

Meaning: The true test to hunger only comes if you have everything. Read that again.

The reality is that the GOATS – the greatest of all times – are starving when they’re stomachs could be packed full every single day.

The best of the best stay hungry. The only question is: Do you have the will and motivation to be one of them?