How To Stop Procrastination And Go To The Gym

Do you feel that bad, debilitating procrastination feeling creeping up before you head over to the gym? Do you feel like you just can’t stick to a set routine? Are you looking to stop making excuses but just can’t make yourself do it?

Then this post is exactly for you. I’ve had an awesome coaching session with an awesome dude yesterday called Blake who dropped more than 50 kilos so far and has searched my help in continuing on his journey.

One of the main issues that he deals with is a lack of routine, a lack of inspiration and a lot of procrastination. I failed to record the session, although he gave me consent so sorry Blake, but somehow the points that I gave him I really also wanted to share with you.

Here are three points that are as usual straightforward and what you need to hear, but likely not what you want to hear. And there might be a bonus point in the end.

Here’s how you can stop procrastination, starting today.


This formula that you see right here explains procrastination. You see emotion, action and you see results. The people that procrastinate think that emotion is a multiplication, when in reality it’s a summation.

Which means while positive emotions is a plus and negative emotions are a minus, they’re in no way fundamental for your results. As long as you’re still able to take massive take action.

Realize, and this is quite controversial: The less you base your actions on your emotions, the more results you will have in any aspects of your life, frankly.

If you can learn one thing today, it is to act despite of your emotions, not because of them.

1. The truth about excuses

The very hard truth about excuses, is that they’ll always be there. I search for excuses why I shouldn’t upload daily videos, go to the gym or read a freaking book.

Whenever you’re working on a positive change in your life you’ll face resistance. You find 100 reasons why you shouldn’t do that thing. Your emotions are working against you.

What I learned from a book that I learned recently, called the Little Black Book of Workout Motivation by Mike Matthews, is that we all will die with a full to do list.

Either you make time right now and finish what you’ve set out to do, or you likely never make time for it at all.

2. Your excuses are right

The second thing that we need to realize is that our excuses are right.

It’s true that we might be tired and had a long day. It’s true that we might take this day off because we earned it, or because we have a very slight injury on our pinkie.

Our excuses are right, yet this doesn’t mean that we need to give them the power of decision. I can find a 100 reasons right now why I should not write this post.

I can make more money doing something different. There are other people outside. This channel isn’t growing too fast.

But this doesn’t mean that I don’t do it. Being a freaking badass, which I know you are, is acting despite of your emotions.

3. How to deal with setbacks

One thing that will be certain on your journey are setbacks. Do not expect this path to be a smooth ride. The gym is actually the opposite what your body wants you to do, but in the end, this is probably what you need to do the most.

Realize that you will doubt yourself, you will feel like giving up so many times. You will cheat on your diet, you will miss workouts for trivial reasons.

What matters is that the next day you freaking wake up, and you go to work. A client just recently wrote me that his relationship broke up and he’s done 3 nights of binge-drinking and vomiting. He asked me what he should do now?

I asked him if he was sober and told him to get back to work. Forget your setbacks, embarrassing moments and roadblocks as fast as you can. You’ll feel bad about them, but start working on it nonetheless. Remember, you’re a badass.

4. Bonus: The most dangerous thing is a poisonous thought

You’ve probably realized so far that this post is not about: Put your clothes in a bag before going to work so you remember it.

This post is focused on your emotions, because this is the main reason people fail in achieving fitness results. Rarely people stop training because of an injury, more often than not people stop training because of a poisonous thought.

That poisonous thought slowly creeps inside your brain and takes up more and more space of your brain matter if you let it. That thought can have multiple appearances. In you it might be called: “Is this truly worth it? I have seen 0 results and I have been training for 2 months.” In another person it might be this thought: “Since going to the gym I have no time for my girlfriend or my spouse. So going to the gym might destroy my relationship and she likes my belly anyway.”

These thoughts usually start out very small, but slowly they take in your entire psyche. If you let them do that, you will quit.

Conclusion – How To Stop Procrastination And Go To The Gym

How can you stop these 4 things? The main thing that I have to tell you here is that there’s one common denominators in successful people of any kind. They act despite of their emotions. They act despite of their emotions.

Your emotions, and this is really hard, should play 0 part in your decision making process. This is hard because the way most people make decisions is 100% emotional.

You can not completely eliminate emotions, if you could that would make my life way easier, but generally try to act when it comes to training, that they do not exist.

If you’ve set out to do something and you don’t feel like it? Guess what, it doesn’t matter. Your emotions usually change after you’ve started it.

So today, I want you to quit giving so much weight on your emotions, become a fit vegan.