Is Jon Venus Vegan Again ?

On a recent PlantBasedNews video I’ve stumbled upon Jon Venus.

So Jon Venus is vegan this week? I lost track.

Which got me wondering, what is Jon Venus up to these days? After scrolling through his recent uploads I wondered, Jon, you ok?

From videos such as ‘Pentagon confirms UFOs are Real’ to ‘How I overcame my Substance Addiction’ That is just such a weird thumbnail Jon

It seems like Jon watched too much conspiracy theories, did he?

Look, as someone who has watched a fair share of conspiracy theories already.

And this is the first point I want to get across, is I can assure you that 100% of those conspiracy videos, there’s 0 pragmatic value to it. They’re a complete waste of time.


Look, even if a bunch of those conspiracy theories are true – which some of them even might be.

1. What can you change?

Aliens exist, great. You’re trying to storm Area 51 now? People have tried this before and it didn’t go well.

You’re looking to go for day long demonstrations or create a youtube channel talking about these things? Great, you’re going to have 10 views a video. There’s just not that much that you can change.

Now some people are thinking that I’m a sheep. I’m just too deep in the system.

Wait, there’s something that you can do. There’s something that you can change. And that is yourself.

Focus on EVERYTHING that is in your control. Stop watching conspiracy theories. Then learn how to deliver enough value to people so you can have a functioning business that will give you financial freedom and that ideally, you’re passionate about.

Then get multiple passports. Have offshore bank accounts. Learn multiple languages. Learn how to defend yourself.

2. Vegan conspiracies are nonsense.

Jon Venus is touching base on vegan conspiracy theories. Let’s use common sense here for a second.

Why should veganism be an agenda to malnourish the population? Ask yourself:

Who would benefit from malnourishing the population? Who is incentivized to malnourish the population?

It’s not governments, because democratic governments gain most of their strength based on the economic output of their population.

If governments would weaken the population, they would lose strength. Governments only weaken the population, if money is generated using oil, or another source that can be pumped out of the ground – largely without the help of their population.

Those governments are usually called dictatorships. So no, governments have no incentive to malnourish the population. Also billionaires do not have incentives to depopulate or malnourish, because billionaires get their wealth from people that do have disposable income.

People that can buy at WalMart (leading to the wealth of the Walton Family), Amazon (leading to the wealth of Jeff Bezos), or spend money at Google (for advertising – leading to the wealth of Larry Page / Sergey Brin)

3. Knowledge is external

I guess this is the main reason for Jon’s obvious confusion. And it’s the main reason for most carnivores confusion. The belief that truth is found within you.

It isn’t.

If it would be – children would be teaching at schools. The reason teachers are teaching at schools and not children, is because what do children have to teach of pragmatic value in the physical world?

Yes, children can teach you about happiness. About enjoying the present. About love. But children won’t teach you how to build an airplane that doesn’t crash. How to send satellites into orbit. How to shoot rocketships into space.

If you can take only 1 piece of advice from this video it is this:

Truth or knowledge is not found within you. It is found in books. It is found in mentors.

Isaac Newton, the founder of gravity, said:

“If I have seen further than others, it’s by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

Newton didn’t dream up gravitational theory. He read books from people. He learned from mentors. And then, he realigned the knowledge in a different way.

So no, knowledge, is not equally distributed. And yes, people that read more books tend to be more knowledgeable.

So listen to the few, and not the many.