Controversial Jordan Peterson Vegan Tweets [2023 Update] – What Diet Is Dr. Jordan Peterson On?

Jordan Peterson, arguably the world’s most famous psychologist –  is known for having strong, controversial opinions.

And that includes, the health side:

Since years Jordan Peterson is on a crusade to deliver more meat onto your plate. And when he’s not throwing eloquent phrases on the testosterone infused deer hunter podcast – aka Joe Rogan Experience – he tweets.

A few months ago he wrote: “Embrace vegan diets”–soon, or else. Just try that, you vegetarian fascists.”

And that is just the tip of the tweet iceberg. In this video, we’ll scour through Jordan Peterson’s most recent tweets, so you’ll discover:

  • How Jordan Peterson is seeding his own downfall
  • What Jordan’s views on diet are, and trust me, they’re more controversial than you think
  • The hidden power motives Jordan Peterson has
  • And the diet Jordan Peterson is currently on

For those that are new here: Hi, I’m Florian – award winning personal trainer, published author and vegan since 8 years.

Let’s just dive right in:

How Jordan Peterson Is Seeding His Own Downfall

On February 27th this year, The New York Times posted: Rats are a highly intelligent species that pose health and safety threats to humans, especially in urban areas. Is there an ethical way to kill them? According to Robert Corrigan, a New York City rodentologist, the answer is “a very cold, hard no.”

Jordan Peterson replied: “An ethical way to kill them.” They’re rats. Rats. Then steps into the treacherous waters of the abortion debate…

… which we’ll not step in – in this video.

The tweet is clearly to some extent understandable. Rats are not baby puppies. When we think about rats we think about pests that are in some way interfering with our life quality. Right?

baby puppies

  • I’d prefer not to have a house of rats.
  • Sometimes I’d prefer to have a house full of baby puppies.

And I guess, we all do.

Nonetheless, rats do have a brain and a capability to feel pain and suffering. So it is still worth as a developed civilization to ask ourselves how to get rid of them if they’re interfering with our life quality.

After all sending convicted felons down with machetes might not be the most humane way.

But how to best get rid of rats should not concern us in this video, what is interesting is Jordan Peterson’s response.

See how he quickly he ignores the opinion of a scientist that clearly is more educated in the topic of rats than he is.

Warren Buffett, the world famous investor, had this quote: “It doesn’t matter how large your circle of competence is, as long as the edges are clearly defined.”

Jordan Peterson meddles in politics, the pandemic, diet, religion – when his true circle of competence lies in psychology.

Now of course, meddling in these areas is good for the algorithm and growing his popularity. And expanding your circle of competence is also possible.

But lesson here: When you do expand your circle of competence, you gotta do so with humility.

A year ago I started a tech company. I’m a non-tech founder, and clearly, it’s a shitshow since day one. But because I approached all of this with humility and a clear knowledge that I’ll suck at everything – we keep progressing. And we’ve more than 500 users so far.

You can not progress if you have no humility. And this lack of humility might just be Jordan Peterson’s downfall.

Jordan Peterson might be a black belt in a lot of things, but the best black belt steps on a mat with the thinking of a white belt.

Jordan Peterson’s Carnivore Diet And Self Delusion

On the 27th of February – again: Jordan Peterson retweeted a study from Dr. Shawn Baker: FUN FACT: a large 2023 study showed that people that DO NOT EAT MEAT are more than TWICE as likely to suffer from DEPRESSION!!

Out of curiosity Dr. Peterson – aren’t you the one who is suffering from recurrent depressive episodes to the extent that you needed to be hospitalized?

And you’re on a carnivore diet – right?

Clearly, Jordan Peterson is suffering from some sort of self delusion here. He’s throwing stones when he’s clearly living in a house of glass.

The reason Jordan Peterson is doing that is – because there’s a trend between intelligence, and one’s capability of self-delusion.

Because as an intelligent person you’re more likely to convince yourself that what you’re doing is right – and you’re less likely to listen to others because you deem them intellectually inferior.

We see this here as well:

On the 24th of February, Jordan Peterson makes a poll: Would you give up your car?

Then claims that people who said ‘yes’ on the poll are deluding themselves.

Then why make a poll in the first place Jordan?

Lesson here: If you’re intelligent be wary of your capability of lying to yourself. It’s probably higher than you think.

Jordan Peterson also tweeted: How male feminists think sex works. Ok, that’s funny Mr. Peterson. But let’s not get that into those treacherous waters in this video.

The Hidden Power Motives Of Jordan Peterson

On the 21st of February, Jordan Peterson tweets in response to reducing meat – amongst other reduction in consumption – for battling climate change: No “scientists” recommend this. Climate ideologues who want power demand this and use “science” as a moral cudgel.

It’s funny that in this tweet, Jordan Peterson attaches power motives to scientists like a post it. Which I think is disingenious.

For those that are not familiar with power – and the struggle for it we all consciously unconsciously play – I have made a video about it a few days ago:

I end that video with that one phrase: If you can not consciously realize that you’re a monkey driven by primitive, monkey motives, you’re probably the biggest monkey in the room.

Jordan Peterson is absolutely and definitely on a crusade of power. He’s constantly pulling on the robes of big daddy Elon, he’s attacking Justin Trudeau on his Twitter…

and probably will aim to become Canadian prime minister in the future.

Lesson here: We’re all in a quest for power. And you first and foremost, should be wary of any person that claims that they’re not in a quest of power.

A recommended read for everyone here is “48 Laws of Power” and “33 Strategies of War” by Robert Greene.

But, power motives aside…

… what diet is Jordan Peterson truly on?

Jordan Peterson’s Elimination Diet

Jordan Peterson once claimed that his diet had only 3 ingredients: Beef, salt and water.

Dr. Peterson is the world’s foremost proponent of a meat only diet. This is, to some extent, influenced by his daughter Mikhaila Peterson that improved her autoimmune disorders (juvenile rheumatoid arthritis) with a carnivore diet.

The story is that Mikhaila Peterson was battling health issues all her life – but eating just meat (essentially a zero carb diet) helped her miraculously solve it.

Mikhaila Peterson has recently written a book about her experiences: The book, and the meat only diet, is known as the ‘lion diet’.

The diet, as the name itself proclaims, contains almost no plant based foods and is pretty much an all beef diet.

Are There Any Benefits To Jordan Peterson Carnivore Diet?

Mikhaila Peterson told reporters that her ‘only meat diet’ cured her of depression. Whereas Dr. Peterson has been suffering from depression to the extent that he got addicted to benzos (an anti-depressive, relaxant):

While the addiction can also come from the trials and tribulations of being a public persona, it’s important to note that the addiction arose during his time on an ‘only beef’ diet.

It’s therefore disingenuous to promote the meat only diet – or the ‘lion diet’ for mental health – when one of it’s leading promoters is depressive to the point of being suicidal.

What Is The best Way To Improve Your Physical And Mental Health?

The Greek’s had a saying: “Mens sana in corpore sano.”

It roughly translates to: A healthy mind in a healthy body.

  • The body influences the mind, and…
  • … and the mind influences the body.

They’re interconnected. By improving your physical health you counterintuitively also improve your mental health.

And by improving how you think about fitness…

… you typically improve your physical health as well.

  • Yes, fit people think differently.
  • And as a result, act differently.
  • And because they act differently, well, they become fit people.

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