Kai Greene EXPOSED By Brian Turner – Fake Vegan Bodybuilder

Is Kai Greene a freaking fake vegan?

This morning, meaning just 60 minutes ago, I woke up and looked as usual at the comments from the video that I uploaded yesterday. Meaning the video about Kai Greene. And trust me, they weren’t rosy.

Rational Learner writes:

“Brian Turner exposed him. Kay is not being honest. Plant based news didn’t even read his book but jumped on the hypewagon as well”

So I watched the video of Brian Turner, will still laying in bed. This is usually something that I do not do. But I wanted to know what this sh*t is all about.

Then, once I arrived here, I decided to even buy the e-book of Kai Greene. Let’s see who’s right here, Brian Turner or Kai Greene.

Is Kai Greene A Fake Vegan?

I just read through the book of Kai Greene, and the only thing I can truly say, is that it’s weird.

It’s written how you’d expect Kai Greene to write a book. A rather philosophical journey to an island with plant-based inhabitants that apparently are big and shredded, and your return to western civilized society.

In page 9, and I can’t show you pictures of the book just now, but if I do it would look like this:

Kai writes that in the modern world, where you have the choice, you need not throw out the benefits of lean, animal based proteins. Together in a balanced approach, you can have the benefits of the modern world and the wisdom of the stranded island.

Talking mainly about the density of protein and the digestibility, which isn’t really a huge beneficial thing. You can learn a more wholesome overview of plant vs animal protein here: https://fitvegans.com/plant-based-proteins-benefits

The whole book, in my opinion, I think is directly written by Kai Greene. You might think buddy, his name is written on there, what do you think?

So normally how it works, especially if you’re famous, you hire someone to ghostwrite your book.

But in this case it feels like Kai Greene just had a couple thoughts in his mind, went to the Computer and wrote them down on 19 pages or a total of actual 10 pages of paper.

And then in the end, after he put his thoughts down, he decided why not sell it? Only 5 dollars.

Went Kai Greene Vegan Only For The Money?

The way I see it, is that from these couple of lines in the book which do not vilify an animal diet, you can not tell if Kai is serious or not.

He might be a fake vegan, yes, or he might be a vegan advocate privately, but encourage the balanced approach publicly, as for example Arnie does.

Mainly he writes about a more balanced approach, simply because people are way more inclined to try something if they know, that they do not have to commit 100%.

For example when I became vegan, I constantly told myself: “I’m gonna try this out, but I’ll have a Big Mac in McDonalds again.”

I loved Big Macs.

Guess what, 5 years in and I never had a Big Mac again.

To some degree I think that video from Brian Turner, although I really like what he does, is virtue signalling:

Look at these ‘fake vegans’ – while we ‘real vegans’ are so virtuous.

Last time I checked Brian, I don’t want to sound rude here, but your claim to fame is that you cured your acne with a vegan diet.

When what really cured your acne was the drug Roaccutane, not the vegan diet.

Although you’re open about taking this drug, most people think that you cured your acne on a vegan diet alone.

And guess what, same in my case. I also got prescribed Roaccutane for my acne. And same in the case of Frank Tufano, but Frank somehow got really messed up by it.

The point that I want to make is that for some reason, Brian also capitalized on a vegan diet.

And Brian might have made the video because he felt threatened by the eBook of Kai Greene, because guess what, Brian is selling an eBook in a similar price range by himself.

So by virtue signalling he’s decreasing the sales of Kai, and increasing his sales.

What Is The Conclusion Of The Kai Greene And Brian Turner Beef?

  • Now, is Brian the bad guy?
  • Or is Kai Greene the bad guy?

We don’t know.

See, when you’re in public spotlight. You have to realize this one thing: You never as good as they say you are, and you never as bad as they say you are.

Chances are there that Kai Greene is a fake vegan…

… but chances are also there, that he’s just simply a very impulsive exploring guy that constantly wants to try something new.

My advice is: Don’t write off Kai Greene to early.

He might turn into an ex-vegan carnivore, like Bobby, or an extreme vegan advocate. We never really know. Let’s just be glad that he advocates for a vegan diet at this point in time. And let’s see what the future brings.

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