300lbs Bodybuilder Goes Vegan After Watching The Game Changers – Kai Greene

Kai Greene just recently posted a video about him going vegan and this guy writes:

“This will be the basis of a LOT of pro-vegan vs anti-vegan youtube content for months. And guess what, he’s freaking right.”

And he’s freaking right. Kai Greene is apparently going vegan after watching the Game Changers and here’s why this is freaking awesome.

Now Kai Greene still seems on his vegan challenge right now for a couple of weeks, but I think that there’s a high chance that we’ll see a vegan Kai Greene in the future. Get it, Kai Greene. I wonder what took him that long.

Kai seems to be so enthusiastic about the journey that he even dropped a vegan e-book one week after being in. Okay then.

Here are three things about the vegan Kai Greene that you need to know and what this means for the vegan movement.

1. The impact of the game changers

First of all it’s worth noting which kind of huge impact the documentary Game Changers had.

I was stoked for the documentary but the impact it had on people still goes beyond my comprehension. The impact is really freaking big.

After people hear that I’m an online vegan fitness coach, 95% of the people that I met down here in Bali ask me about the documentary Game Changers and how awesome they think it is.

I think it is very possible that the game changers documentary might end up being a true game changer in itself. So, great freaking job director and team.

2. The truth about athletes

I think one of the things that The Game Changers really nailed is the usage of athletes. We look up to athletes and some people would even be willing to trade lives with them.

So I think what Game Changers really nailed, is that they focused on athletes and not on regular folks like Forks over Knives. See once you turn athletes vegan, most of their followers and admirers will at least give this diet a shot. Why? Because the athletes have the outreach and the status.

Turn Lewis Hamilton into a vegan advocate and he will influence millions.

But I think Game Changers and the selfish, performance aspect of the diet is enough to get you started.

But what really keeps you on this lifestyle is the ethical aspect.

3. Kai needs to be familiar with the ethical aspect of it

Right now Kai seems to be more plant-based and interested in how the diet makes him feel. Which is very interesting and sure a very positive thing.

His new diet likely also increases his heart, gut and brain health, as bodybuilding diets usually are quit taxing to the organism.

But, most vegans are and stay vegan because of the ethical aspect of the diet. So for him to turn his challenge into a lifestyle he should consider the animals.

At this stage for Kai – or anyone else interested in upgrading their fitness – a vegan or vegetarian coach would make sense to guarantee enough motivation and nutritional variety. Read more about this here: https://fitvegans.com/vegan-fitness-trainers/

I think Kai is quite an empathetic and cool guy, and once he’s confronted with the dark reality of factory farming he will be inclined to change his ways.

Conclusion – 300lbs Bodybuilder Goes Vegan After Watching The Game Changers – Kai Greene

Kai Greene embodies a character that is receptive for the vegan movement especially the ethical aspect of it.

He’s a likeable down to earth guy, that seems to be quite empathetic with the people around him. I still remember when he posted that one video in 2015 where he wasn’t allowed for the Olympia.

I think Kai will turn vegan in the future. Be it for the e-books that he wants to sell, his health or for the animals.

To be frank it really doesn’t matter why he’s doing it though, as long as he isn’t responsible for the suffering of animals. Until next time!