Vegan Reacts To Liver-King [STEROIDS] – Liver King Exposed

Liverking, a social media sensation – recently was on an interview with Logan Paul (Impaulsive) and enlightened us about his view on veganism.

Now there’s 3 types of people I don’t trust:

  1. People that sit shirtless in an environment where everyone got their shirt on
  2. People that think that eating raw meat is a good idea
  3. And people that call themselves king in combination with a body organ

Yes, LiverKing is quite unique in that he fits all 3 of these categories.

Now to the susceptible of us, meaning 3 million of the population apparently who chooses to follow LiverKing and listens to his preachings. Here’s a few things that you need to know:

1. Liver King Is On Steroids

Funny, liverking’s 9 ancestral tenets contain sleep, cold, sun and fight. But no matter how hard I search I can not find substance abuse.

To everyone who has trained for a prolonged period of time it’s abundantly clear, that liverking is injecting performance enhancing drugs on a regular basis. Liverking is not even in the grey zone. You do not even have to calculate his fat free mass to see this.

It’s black and white, 100% clear that he is on steroids.

All you need to see is the typical gut and the neck and shoulders of a classic, regular steroid user. And look, if you decide to use steroids – it’s ok. Just don’t fool 3 million other folks, probably largely teenagers, with your bullshit

Update: A few months after this article first was written, Brian Johnson (Liverking) finally got exposed with his substance abuse.

How did Liver King get exposed? A Youtube Channel ‘More Plates More Dates’ exposed him using email communication with an online coach that worked with Liverking. The online coach had clear written communication from Liverking that outlined everything he was doing drug-wise.

2. Liver King Ab Implants

Because Brian Johnson, aka the Liver King, has lied that chronically about his steroid abuse – it’s also possible that he’s a chronic liar about his abs. There’s a good chance that Liver King’s abs are not as natural as we think they are:

liver king abs

3. LiverKing’s Diet Is A Fad Diet

Liverking claims ‘raw liver’ is a super food. So is eating ‘organ meat’ – and even ‘raw animal testicles’. He also claims that we all should eat raw bone marrow.

Hold on a second.

Sorry to bring this to you Liverking – but this is not healthy.

Your ancestral diet is a fad diet. In fact the ancestral diet that you call it is pretty much the same to a paleo diet, which was a fad diet as well.

This comment here under the Logan Paul podcast basically summed everything up:

“To become famous as a health influencer, you have to say something new. The easiest way to say something new is to say something wrong. Correspondingly, the majority of famous health influencers systematically say things that are wrong. Sadly, its how the system works.”

And it’s funny that the longer social media is around, the more blatant the lies are and the more off-base the recommendations are. It’s almost like lying has become a solid business model.

4. Liver King’s Fallacy

The last thing I wanted to highlight is LiverKing’s fallacy, in that ancestral tribes for some reason know how to eat for optimum performance.

Certainly makes for a great story and a great selling proposition – the paleo diet folks have already proved this – but it’s absolutely incorrect.

According to the book paleofantasy: “The paleofantasy is a fantasy in part because it supposes that we humans, or at least our ‘fancy word for ancestors’, were at some point perfectly adapted to our environments.”

We were not. Humans never knew what to eat for optimum performance. They just knew that if they wouldn’t eat, they wouldn’t survive.

And because humans had no real way to gather and disperse knowledge for future generations – meaning no way to read, write and store books for 1,000s of years – knowledge was largely in the standstill.

Think about it, humans without prior knowledge and training, have no clue about anything. We have instincts, but most of them are absolutely misguided. Let’s look at a few examples:

1. Fighting. Most people think they can fight. Most people can’t actually fight. Because the natural response to fighting is completely off-base. The natural response to fighting is closing your eyes when hitting or getting hit – not beneficial. Turning your head away and ducking for cover – not beneficial. Posturing up and leaving your chin exposed – not beneficial. Getting overrun by emotions – not beneficial.

2. Most people think they can lift weights. Again, most people can’t lift weights. The natural response to lift anything up from the ground is to lift it with the back – which will result in back issues – instead of lifting it with the legs. It takes years of training to rewire that habit. The natural response to training the muscles is to stop when it hurts or when it gets challenging – again, it takes years of lifting to rewire that habit.

If you can only take one thing from this video, it is that humans, in their blank slate, now nothing. Ancestral tribes are pretty much a blank slate.

PS: A person that knows to game social media as much as LiverKing is ‘That Vegan Teacher’. You can find another article about her here: