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Here’s how our coaching program works:

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Why Book A Call With Me?


1. Look At My Results Below

No one has helped more vegans get in the best shape of their life in a healthy, effective and sustainable way.

2. My Process Works

The youngest of my client is 20. The oldest of my clients is 65. I’ve worked with people from 20 countries, including Singapore, US, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

I do the planning and guesswork for you, all I need is commitment and coachability.

3. I Practice What I Preach

I went vegan for the animals more than 6 years ago. I live an active lifestyle and stay in great shape myself.

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The #1 Reason To Book A Call Now

There is an extremely good chance I have helped a person similar to you get in great shape on a vegan diet.

While I don’t guarantee any result, I can tell you EXACTLY how we did it – while customizing the process to you 100%.

You will not find that ANYWHERE, nor will you find someone who has done it successfully so many times.

If that sounds good, scroll past my testimonials below and book a call.


Warning: All of those individuals are extremely coachable, committed and hard-working. This program is not for people that believe in the fantasy that becoming a fit vegan is easy. It is not.

If you, however, know that getting in shape needs work and commitment. If you believe in the age old wisdom that the best investment you can ever do is in yourself, then do scroll below the testimonials and book a call now.

matthew before and after transformation

Matthew Klingner, Vegan Sales Professional reviewed FitVegans.comQuality Gains Review

“I am an endurance athlete. I run marathons and compete in triathlons. Yet before I met Florian I did not feel confident in my body.

I train and compete like an athlete, yet before I started this program people told me they didn’t think that I was actually fit. Because I did not look like a fit person.

This was extremely frustrating.

So I knew I needed to make a change. I had a very good knowledge of nutrition and fitness already, yet general knowledge alone was not enough to get me to the level that I wanted to be. I did not have a step by step plan.

After working with Florian for 3 months I’ve reduced my body fat percentage from 27% to 12%. I’ve gained a solid amount of vegan muscle and increased my running performance. I feel more confident and have markably increased self esteem. The best of all: I am just halfway through the program!”

mayra-jpgVegan online coaching Mayra Villegas Proof shot

Mayra Villegas, Vegan Professional reviewed FitVegans.comQuality Gains Review

“I wanted to feel stronger and fitter to pass my physical fitness test for the military.

However, I didn’t know how to structure my vegan nutrition and exercise schedule properly, so achieving a strong and fit physique was hard.

This uncertainty gave me a lot of frustration, as I didn’t really know what to do to pass the test for the US military. I felt like I had no control over my future.

Then I stumbled upon Florian. Within 4 weeks of working together I have lost 6lbs. I follow a routine now that is fit for my busy schedule and makes achieving my physical fitness goals easy.

I feel stronger and more consistent than ever and feel 100% confident in passing my physical fitness test. ”


Oliver Hojas, Abstract Artist reviewed FitVegans.comQuality Gains Review

“Before I met Florian I stepped on the scale and I was shocked at what I saw. Barely 65kg, I never was so thin in my life. I felt uncomfortable in my body and not confident.

I knew I needed to change, I just didn’t know how I could achieve that with my busy schedule. I didn’t have certainty nor clarity on what I needed to do next to achieve my dream weight.

Yet after working with Florian for 10 weeks I’ve gained more than 5kg (11.5lbs). I feel confident. I have better self esteem and this shows in my personal life, dating life and in my career.”


Jordan Kas, Vegan Professional reviewed FitVegans.comQuality Gains Review

“Before working with Florian people called me ‘fat vegan’. I was 230lbs+ and felt insecure in my body.

At that point, I’ve had enough. I knew I could do better.

After trying to lose some weight initially and plateauing very fast, I knew I needed help from a professional.

After working with Florian I’m seeing abs for the first time in my life. I’m in the best shape ever. It’s a new life.”

Vegan Personal Trainer Review Dave

Dave S. Anderson, Vegan Entrepreneur reviewed FitVegans.com – Quality Gains Review

“Before I met Florian I was focusing heavily on my business – while disregarding my personal health. Due to this focus I lacked energy. I was not comfortable or fully confident in myself.

Yet after meeting Florian this all changed. After working together for 4 weeks I lost 10.2lbs of fat while increasing my energy and revenue of my business. I realized that how you do one thing is how you do everything.”


Jeoren Lans, Vegan Professional reviewed FitVegans.comQuality Gains Review

“Before working with Florian I didn’t know how to achieve my strength, energy and athletic goals that I’ve set out for myself.

I wanted to be better in CrossFit, learn kipping pull ups, learn to do handstand push ups.. all while being vegan.

Everyone told me this was impossible for a person for my age and with my injury history.

I knew that if I wanted to achieve my next level of health & fitness, I needed help from a professional.

1 year of working with Florian and I can finally do 15 kipping pull ups, 6+ hand stand push ups, achieved my ideal body weight of 75kg AND ranked in the top 10% of a Crossfit competition!

All while being 100% vegan.”

fitvegans.com review

Jonathan Voss, Vegan Accountant reviewed FitVegans.comQuality Gains Review

“Before working with Florian I felt I could not get in great shape. I was always the last one on hikes and I had excess weight to lose.

I was insecure when going to the beach because I knew I had a little bit of a belly.

Deep down I wanted to change but I did not know what to do exactly to lose my belly fat and did not have motivation to do it on my own.

After working with Florian for a few months now I’ve lost 11kg of body fat.

I’m the first one on hikes with my friends and I know exactly what to do on a daily basis to get motivated and even fitter.

I feel confident in my body and even my colleagues ask me for advice when it comes to health & fitness now. I feel like I’m finally a positive role model for veganism.”

vegan body transformation jonathan

Jonathan Bowsers, Vegan Professional reviewed FitVegans.comQuality Gains Review

“Before meeting Florian I felt like a hypocrite. I was not a good example for the vegan movement. I was not a role model. Until I decided to work with Florian. After a few months I lost 19.8lbs and gained 6.6lbs of muscle on a vegan diet. Florian is with you every step of the way and doesn’t leave you hanging. A lot of the gyms don’t even have half the service he provides.”

Vegan Body Transformation Carlos

Carlos Cochran, Vegan Professional reviewed FitVegans.comQuality Gains Review

“Before I met Florian I was in a hole that I didn’t know how to get out of. Whatever I tried regarding weight loss didn’t seem to work. I was not consistent. I was not motivated to change anything. Yet after meeting Florian this all changed. After working together for a few months I lost 17.6lbs of fat and built healthy vegan habits. This program changed my life.”

Vegan Fitness Transformation Josh

Josh Belser, Vegan Professional reviewed FitVegans.comQuality Gains Review

Josh used to be overweight due to working in a high stress environment (NHS). During that time he was getting addicted to sugar and relied on coffee for his energy.

Josh is vegan since a multitude of years. Yet what he didn’t know was:

  • How to use the vegan nutrition to his advantage.
  • How to rely on healthy nutrition and exercise to deal with stress – instead of unhealthy foods that only give short-term pleasure.
  • How to lose his fat predictably with a systematic process – instead of relying on ‘hope weight loss’.

Together we crafted a nutrition and exercise routine that works perfectly for Josh and his busy schedule. One that decreases stress as well as hunger. We also optimized his body chemistry.

Did it work? Yep. Josh has lost over 24.5lbs in the last few months since starting my coaching. He is not addicted to sugar anymore and does not rely on coffee for energy.

Fun fact: His healthy habits managed him to approach the COVID crisis with a calm and collected mind, as he was dealing with patients on the front lines. He even got promoted in the process and was featured on National Public Radio.

He went from a size 36 to size 32 in his pant size. He looks better than he has in years. On top of that his coworkers gave him a nickname. He’s called ‘Mr. Smooth’ now. We both can’t complain.

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