Simon Cowell Is DETERIORATING On A Vegan Diet?

Simon Cowell seems like an interesting dude:

  • He’s a jury of the series Britains Got Talent – where he delivers brash comments.
  • He’s a successful music producer involved in developing OneDirection (not sure if this is a good thing) and:
  • Was nominated as one of the most influential people in 2004 and 2010 and went vegan 2 years ago and has since lost 20 lbs in the process.

The problem with Simon is just: This new picture.

This picture that essentially made the public and the media defame him.

CNN puts it bluntly:

“Simon Cowell looks *different* after going vegan.”

But does he truly look worse because of the vegan diet or despite of it? If you believe the vean deterioration reddit, you might believe it’s the former.

Today I want to give you three reasons for the picture and why it may or may not have been caused by the vegan diet.

1. How To Defame A Person

One of the things that we as humans like to do is taking one trait of a person that we dislike and put it to the extremes.

Simon is obviously a controversial person, he’s very brash in public appearances and impregnated the wife of his best friend.

Yet most of the people that we’re dealing with on a daily basis are multi-layered and complex.

What the media – and most haters do- is taking one small point of our character and make it look like it’s the whole pie of the person. When in reality, almost 100% of people have good and bad sides.

Note: Probably Hitler and Stalin are one of the exceptions though.

If I make a video about Frank Tufano for example, it’s easy to badmouth him regarding his treatment of animals, completely ignoring the fact that this is one part of his behavior only. Another part is that he apparently cares and sacrifices a lot for his family.

Yet the media bashes Simon into oblivion. I mean Simon turned 60 this year and somehow looks younger than a lot of 40 year old non-vegans that I know.

Yet he still gets bashed for his appearance. If you’re living in the limelight or if you’re a vegan, you’re not allowed to age.

This is why:

2. Simon Loves Botox

Simon is a self-confessed Botox lover. His Christmas gifts for staff and colleagues are vouchers for cosmetic injections.

While a gift of an employer which consists of Botox would probably be enough for me to quit on the spot, it just show us that injecting botox is a general practice in the limelight.

There are certain actors and celebrities that simply do not age, and more often than not it’s because of regular cosmetic surgeries.

The chances are really high that Keanu Reeves, as awesome as he might be, is getting regular work done. Not because he’s a shallow person, but because a young face is apparently what it takes to make it for a long time in the limelight.

It’s hard to judge this as good or bad because this is what the celebrities and to some degree we, as consumers, have signed up for.

What I want to get across is that the current look is more likely a cause of severe botox injections, than a change to an antioxidant and fiber rich diet.

3. He Has Lost 20lbs

Have you ever had a friend taking of his glasses and suddenly he’s looking vastly different?

This shows us that a small change such as some metal, glass and a slight increase of eye size creates a vastly different face.

Just imagine what would happen if you would strip yourself off 20 lbs, mostly lost around your neck and your cheekbones. Look at Jonah Hill, losing a significant number of kilos. His face is restructured.

The reason why we didn’t see a huge increase in attractiveness in Simon’s case though is not because of the vegan diet, but because of a combination of a loss of fat in his face, again his age of 60 and botox.

Btw, do you want to lose fat on a vegan diet as well? Read another interesting article here.


Simon Cowell is not deteriorating from a vegan diet. There are three reasons his face grabbed attention:

  1. The money hungry media,
  2. His regular use of botox and
  3. HIm losing 20lbs.

The truth is that changing to a plant-based diet was probably one of Simon’s best choices he ever did after he was falling off a stair. Since going vegan it improved his memory, bloodwork and increased his subjective attractiveness.