#1 Sneaky way to lose weight without any effort

There’s one thing that you can do TODAY to lose weight without any effort.

Weight loss will not be immediate, and this doesn’t mean that you’ll lose 40lbs with this strategy.

But doing this one thing alone, can easily lead to 5, 10, 15lbs lost over the next few months.

Want to know what it is?

It is installing an adblock. Or getting youtube premium. Or do anything, so you’re not constantly bombarded with ads from companies that are looking to sell you literal crap. Literal poison.

Look the reason this works, is food companies spend about $30 billion a year on marketing. And you do not get broccoli ads. No!

You get ads from this new burger or this new ice cream or this new junk food. And those repeated impressions over and over again are just penetrating your mind – until you finally give in.

Until one afternoon you finally give in and feel like a burger. Or feel like some icecream. Or feel like getting some junk food.

There’s a reason for those cravings. And that is a repeated exposure to those marketing messages.

You might think now: “I’m immune to those marketing messages, they don’t work for me.”

And you would be absolutely incorrect. Who in the right mind would spend 30 billion a year for something that doesn’t work?

I just recently went into advertising, hence you probably seen some of my ads, and I can tell you, seeing those notifications of getting a few grand charged off your bank account is not the best email to get.

I would not be spending that amount if it wouldn’t give me a clear return on investment. Same as food companies do not spend billions of dollars for nothing.

Think about it, let’s imagine you just recently broke up with a girlfriend or boyfriend – and you’d see constant advertisements of his or her face. It would make the breakup a bit harder, wouldn’t it?

It’s the exact same thing with junk food companies that are selling junk to people.

To make this abundantly clear, let’s look at some numbers. Let’s take a look at the lifetime value, meaning what an average McDonalds customer spends over 3 years. It is $500.

If you’re the average McDonalds customer, you’ll spend 15 grand in your life in McDonalds. Is this a good thing to look back at your life?

Oh, I’m so glad I gave those 15 grand to a company who’s only purpose really, is making me more addicted, fatter, and sicker with every bite? No, it isn’t.

Moral of the story: Get your ad block. Get your youtube premium. Yes, you’ll likely not see my ads. But these are the vast minority of ads that are actually looking to give you a positive life change.