Stop Taking Creatine – Vegan Supplements

Fun fact: I actually planned doing exactly the opposite video.

In fact the last time I supplemented creatine was just yesterday.

In my research though, I realized that creatine, although severely studied, may not be that good of a supplement.

Creatine is produced inside of your body and can also be consumed with meat/ fish or synthesized, vegan supplements.

For example if you go for a sprint, the first few seconds probably feel amazing.

Endless power. No fatigue, happiness.

But when you suddenly hit that 8 seconds mark, it feels awful, it burns and you want to quit.
Your body now stopped using creatine as it’s main fuel, and switched to carbohydrates.

Creatine is the key element in you being able to do fast, short duration movements.

Therefore this molecule is a crucial part in weightlifting and also thinking.

Your body can create energy in different ways, one of them is using creatine.

Therefore it’s only logical, especially for vegans, to supplement creatine? Am I right?

So I thought, but according to different studies, your body is a lazy piece of sh*t.

Remember: your body always goes for the way of least resistance.

So instead of producing the creatine and using the supplement on top of that for best performance, your body instead slows down the creatine production.

Why use energy to produce my own if I’m getting it in anyway?

Think about this example: If you would win the lottery, chances are you would probably not work tomorrow am I right? Just assuming you’re not Casey Neistat.

That may be because creatine is mainly effective for people with lower creatine content and more muscle fibers. For example in this study that compares vegetarians with meat eaters, only vegetarian get a thinking boost
with the creatine supplement.

Why? Because the meat eaters are used to creatine in their diet, remember? Fish and meat contains creatine.

In fact, probably even the opposite, creatine combined with an unhealthy diet could promote cancer.

Because it can be turned into metabolites with the help of E.coli, a bacterium which is found in animal crap and therefore mostly in animal food. Also, especially in the USA, the supplement industry is badly regulated.

So most studies, that actually had positive effects with creatine supplementation were only short term.

But in vegetarians the body produces all creatine that it needs on it’s own, so the supplementation gives it a huge boost. Creatine supplementation therefore isn’t necessary for both groups.

Which means supplements could contain impurities which could lead to bad health effects, in the long-term. Too bad there aren’t any long-term studies yet.

So should you take creatine? It really depends.

  • If you’re a meat eater – Generally speaking no
  • If you’re an athlete and don’t care about your health. – Maybe
  • If you’re a vegan and want to be smarter. – Maybe
  • If you’re a vegan that wants to be smarter and work out regularly. – Maybe
  • If you’re a meat eater that is thinking about becoming a vegan but is afraid because of the creatine loss. – Yes

What I’m saying is that a healthy diet, full of water, veggies and fruits is a must. And even then there may be possible bad health effects, that we don’t know yet.

But if you really want to do it, use a pure creatine at least, take 5 grams every day for 8 weeks and then pause your supplementation for 2 weeks.