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How Damian Janzi Lost 10.4Kg And Got A Vegan Sixpack

“Before I met Florian I was trying out different things and nothing really worked. I was not consistent and didn’t know what the best strategy was for me individually.

Florian helped me create a strategy that works for my busy lifestyle. He held me accountable and made sure that I stay on track.

After working with Florian for 3 to 4 months I lost 10.4kg of fat, gained vegan muscle and even achieved a sixpack!”

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How Iris Stopped Her Bloating And Lost 12Lbs (On A Vegan Diet)

“Before I met Florian, I was suffering from a bloated belly for years. People asked me if I was pregnant (I was not!).

I felt like I’ve tried everything to reduce my bloating: I’m a personal trainer myself, so I understand how nutrition works. I even started paying special attention to food combinations and enrolled to study orthomolecular nutrition. None of these things helped the way I wished them to.

After a few months of working with Florian, my bloated belly has almost completely gone. I feel more feminine, sexy and have way better self esteem. I just recently tried a new dress that fits me perfectly!”

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How Petra Rutz Lost 26Lbs In 4 Months

“Before I met Florian, I thought nothing would work for me. Because I’m super busy: I’m a single mom of 2 kids. And I run a successful business in the medical field.

Because I have so much going on, I felt it was impossible to get rid of my pregnancy weight. I felt stuck.

Yet after working with Florian for 4 months I lost 26lbs of fat! I feel so much lighter. I can do simple things like running up the stairs again! I have so much more energy and feel so much better about myself!”

How Thomas R. (Vegan Doctor) Lost 26Lbs And Got In Great Shape

“10 years ago I suffered from a heart attack. It was also that time that I decided to go vegan and change my health for the better.

Before I met Florian I was in a negative spiral. My weight was creeping back up and I din’t feel comfortable in my body.

Now, after 6 months of working with Florian, I’ve lost 26lbs. I have a flat stomach and feel comfortable in my body. I also run triathlons at a regular basis!”

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How Kanwarpal Bhui Got A Sixpack For The First Time In His Life

“I saw my father go through a quadruple bypass surgery. I saw the stitches and the procedure. I mean, the procedure where they open up the legs and sew the artery into your heart.

It’s not fun. I did not want to follow in my father’s footstep. I wanted to break the cycle of ill health in my family – and I did.

I got in the best shape of my life and am the picture of health 5 months into the coaching with Florian.

A big reason why I achieved what I did was for my daughter:

On my recent beach vacation with my family I took some pictures. I want my daughter to look at these pictures of her healthy father in the future, so that she as well, can make smart choices to live a healthy and long life.”

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How Vegan Entrepreneur Dave Anderson Lost 10.2Lbs In 30 Days

“Before I met Florian I was focusing heavily on my business – while disregarding my personal health. Due to this focus I lacked energy. I was not comfortable or fully confident in myself.

Yet after meeting Florian this all changed. After working together for 4 weeks I lost 10.2lbs of fat while increasing my energy and revenue of my business. I realized that how you do one thing is how you do everything.”

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How Jordan Got Abs And Achieved The Best Shape Of His Life

“Before working with Florian people called me ‘fat vegan’. I was 230lbs+ and felt insecure in my body.

At that point, I’ve had enough. I knew I could do better.

After trying to lose some weight initially and plateauing very fast, I knew I needed help from a professional.

After working with Florian I’m seeing abs for the first time in my life. I’m in the best shape ever. It’s a new life.”

How Busy Vegan Mom Katherine Lost 11.2lbs Of Fat And Got A Sixpack

Before working with Florian I felt insecure about my body. I wanted to tone up. I wanted to look and feel stronger to deal with the daily challenges of being a new vegan mom.

I was frustrated because I didn’t know what to do next – and all the programs that I’ve tried in the past didn’t work for me.

When I met Florian I was hesitant, but I really wanted to give this a try. So I did.

And well, I became a believer very quick.

After working with Florian for a few months I’ve lost 11.2lbs of fat. I gained muscle on my arms – and even achieved a sixpack!

This had a massive impact on my confidence, self esteem and my daily ability to deal with the stress of both owning a business and being a mom.”

How Mary (68yo Vegan) Lost 27Lbs In 6 Months:

“What was that saying? During COVID you either became a:

  1. Hunk
  2. Chunk
  3. Or a drunk

Before meeting Florian, I was certainly going into the chunk direction. I gained 15-20lbs during the pandemic and was dealing with some deeply entrenched bad habits.

Florian stepped in and gave me a clear road map. He gave me confidence that losing that weight was possible for me.

I’ve built very healthy habits in the last 6 months of working with Florian. I can pick up my grandchild from the floor easily. I enjoy shopping for clothes a lot more. And I love the confidence that comes along with setting a goal for oneself – and actually achieving it.”


How 60y/o Vegan Jeroen Got In The Best Shape Of His Life

“Before working with Florian I didn’t know how to achieve my strength, energy and athletic goals that I’ve set out for myself.

I wanted to be better in CrossFit, learn kipping pull ups, learn to do handstand push ups.. all while being vegan.

Everyone told me this was impossible for a person for my age and with my injury history.

I knew that if I wanted to achieve my next level of health & fitness, I needed help from a professional.

1 year of working with Florian and I can finally do 15 kipping pull ups, 6+ hand stand push ups, achieved my ideal body weight of 75kg AND ranked in the top 10% of a Crossfit competition!

All while being 100% vegan.”


How Oliver Hojas Gained 11.5Lbs Of Vegan Muscle

“Before I met Florian I stepped on the scale and I was shocked at what I saw. Barely 65kg, I never was so thin in my life. I felt uncomfortable in my body and not confident.

I knew I needed to change, I just didn’t know how I could achieve that with my busy schedule. I didn’t have certainty nor clarity on what I needed to do next to achieve my dream weight.

Yet after working with Florian for 10 weeks I’ve gained more than 5kg (11.5lbs). I feel confident. I have better self esteem and this shows in my personal life, dating life and in my career.”

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How Matthew Klingner Went From 27% Body Fat To 12% Body Fat While Gaining Muscle

“I am an endurance athlete. I run marathons and compete in triathlons. Yet before I met Florian I did not feel confident in my body.

I train and compete like an athlete, yet before I started this program people told me they didn’t think that I was actually fit. Because I did not look like a fit person.

This was extremely frustrating.

So I knew I needed to make a change. I had a very good knowledge of nutrition and fitness already, yet general knowledge alone was not enough to get me to the level that I wanted to be. I did not have a step by step plan.

After working with Florian for 3 months I’ve reduced my body fat percentage from 27% to 12%. I’ve gained a solid amount of vegan muscle and increased my running performance. I feel more confident and have increased self esteem. The best of all: I am just halfway through the program!”

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How Jono Voss Lost 11Kg Of Body Fat And Got In The Best Shape Of His Life

“Before working with Florian I felt I could not get in great shape. I was always the last one on hikes and I had excess weight to lose.

I was insecure when going to the beach because I knew I had a little bit of a belly.

Deep down I wanted to change but I did not know what to do exactly to lose my belly fat and did not have motivation to do it on my own.

After working with Florian for a few months now I’ve lost 11kg of body fat.

I’m the first one on hikes with my friends and I know exactly what to do on a daily basis to get motivated and even fitter.

I feel confident in my body and even my colleagues ask me for advice when it comes to health & fitness now. I feel like I’m finally a positive role model for veganism.”

How Fredo Duran Lost 40Lbs

Before I started working with Florian I saw the highest amount of weight on the scale I’ve ever seen: 215lbs.

I knew I needed to make a change, but the whole process of losing that weight just seemed too daunting. I was overweight all of my life, and the only time I’ve ever lost weight was when I was starving myself.

Florian helped me re-think my old ways. I’ve lost 40lbs in 6 months – without starving myself or yo-yoing. I feel more confident in social situations and even scored a better job!”

vegan body transformation jonathan

How Jonathan Bowsers Lost 19.8Lbs And Gained 6.6lbs Of Muscle On A Vegan Diet

“Before meeting Florian I felt like a hypocrite. I was not a good example for the vegan movement. I was not a role model. Until I decided to work with Florian. After a few months I lost 19.8lbs and gained 6.6lbs of muscle on a vegan diet. Florian i