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Next to pictures and text you also see that we have long-form interviews. The reason we do so is because the fitness industry likes to fake their testimonials. We do these interviews to guarantee authenticity.

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Vegan Fitness Transformation

How Kanwarpal Bhui Got A Sixpack For The First Time In His Life

“I saw my father go through a quadruple bypass surgery. I saw the stitches and the procedure. I mean, the procedure where they open up the legs and sew the artery into your heart.

It’s not fun. I did not want to follow in my father’s footstep. I wanted to break the cycle of ill health in my family – and I did.

I got in the best shape of my life and am the picture of health 5 months into the coaching with Florian.

A big reason why I achieved what I did was for my daughter:

On my recent beach vacation with my family I took some pictures. I want my daughter to look at these pictures of her healthy father in the future, so that she as well, can make smart choices to live a healthy and long life.”

katrina testimonial before and after

How Katrina, A Busy Vegan Mom, Lost 28Lbs In 6 Months

Katrina joined our ‘Fit Vegan Evolution’ program 6 months ago, as her doctor told her that her blood pressure was off-base.

She felt unhealthy, and her ‘life was a mess’. She was 28lbs overweight and chronically dehydrated, and as a busy mom – had absolutely no time to figure this ‘fitness thing’ out by herself.

In her desperation, Katrina took a leap of faith, reached out to us – and decided to give this program a shot.

6 months later, Katrina made a ‘complete 180’. She’s bikini ready. She has more energy, and her life has changed. She refers to the program as ‘the best investment she’s ever made’.

iris before and after transformation vegan fitness

How Iris Stopped Her Bloating And Lost 12Lbs (On A Vegan Diet)

“Before I met Florian, I was suffering from a bloated belly for years. People asked me if I was pregnant (I was not!).

I felt like I’ve tried everything to reduce my bloating: I’m a personal trainer myself, so I understand how nutrition works. I even started paying special attention to food combinations and enrolled to study orthomolecular nutrition. None of these things helped the way I wished them to.

After a few months of working with Florian, my bloated belly has almost completely gone. I feel more feminine, sexy and have way better self esteem. I just recently tried a new dress that fits me perfectly!”