The Art Of Sacrifice

This is what most coaches online do not want you to know. And yes, this is NOT a highly requested video because most people are NOT interested in this topic. Yet here’s my (hopfeully) motivational video and speech about sacrifice.

Regardless if you like it or not, sacrifice is one of the most important parts of achieving anything that you ever wanted to achieve. Sacrifice is important for success of any kind. And trust me, when it comes to QualityGains and my body there were plenty of sacrifices made.

Today I’m going to tell you what sacrifice means, what you do NOT need to sacrifice and when you usually need to sacrifice them along your fitness journey. In the end I want to give you a 5-step plan completely for free that I wish I’d have had 5 years ago. If you implement this plan it will make all the difference.

Sacrifice is an integral part of any success story.

And generally the more results you crave, the more you need to sacrifice.

So this is your journey in the gym. For the first 3-6 months you do not need to sacrifice that much in the gym. What you sacrifice for success is some sort of time, a little bit of well-being due to extreme soreness and you’ll sacrifice a little bit of being comfortable, as you decided to go into a new environment outside of your comfort zone.

After those 3-6 months, you leve up. Meaning, you’re at level 2 now, you have to face new challenges and do new sacrifices to keep growing. It’s like a video game. A character at level 90 will not level up by beating an enemy that is level 2. The more you progress, the higher the challenges will be.

After 6-12 months your initial progress generally will start to stall. Which means, you will hit your first plateau. Most people look into supplements at this stage, but what you should truly be looking into, is the hard stuff.

This is the time when the smart athletes start tracking their weights. They write down their weights, reps and sets. Again, they go out of their comfort zone here because they hold themselves accountable.

The very ambitious gym goers around us will likely realize the importance of some sort of food tracking at this stage. They start with a journal once or twice and they write down the calories and macronutrients at least.

At the 2 year mark some people, that are ambitious, are looking into minimizing alcohol. Why don’t they do this earlier? Because minimizing alcohol is more uncomfortable than tracking food and weights now and then.

Why is no alcohol uncomfortable? Because it minimizes your social circle. It will alienate friends that you hang around with because they think your decision is awkward.

Ask any person, that has amassed a high amount of success. If they’re still in the game and do not enjoy the fruits of their labour on a desert island, they sacrifice everything.

The CEO of a 100 million dollar European company, that I had the pleasure to get a meeting earlier this year, worked 10 hours a day 7 days a week.

Rich Piana, a legendary bodybuilder that assed away some years ago, sacrificed everything for bodybuilding, even his life. His motto was: Whatever it takes. While I don’t agree with the motto 100%, this sentence just implies sacrifice.

What does this mean for you? You need to learn how to sacrifice. .

Once you understand the basics and the beneficial effects of sacrifice, follow this 5-step plan. If you implement this your life will never be the same:

1. Step one – Sacrifice Process:

Ask yourself where you want to be 10 years from now. How will your life look like? Write down 10 things that you want to have achieved until that time.

2. Step two – Sacrifice Process:

Cross off 7 of those goals that you have and focus on the 3 that are the most important to you.

3. Step three – Sacrifice Process:

Once you get those 3 – 10 year goals write them down on a sheet of paper and look at them before you go to sleep and after you wake up.

4. Step four – Sacrifice Process:

I want you to write down exactly what you do on a Monday, and on a Saturday.

5. Step five – Sacrifice Process:

If you realize that you have certain actions that do not bring you closer to those goals, focus on one thing that you sacrifice this week. Then focus on another thing that you sacrifice next week. And on, and on and on.

Here are two activities that I think you do not need to sacrifice unless your goals are gigantic: Time with your family. And things that are important to your health like exercise and healthy nutrition.

The higher your goals are, the more your social life will suffer and the more you’ll sacrifice. You’ll also leave your comfort zone, but your results will be absolutely remarkable.