The Little Secret Of Jon Venus – Vegan Eats Eggs?

Jon Venus just recently published a video confirming that he ate eggs one year ago. Jon did this because he was unsure.

He became a new parent and he wanted to make sure that he does the right decision for his son.

Does this make him a fake-vegan? A person that just profits of the vegan movement? Today I’ll share with you three points that you may not have noted before.

1. There seems to be something fishy about Jon Venus

See Richard Burgess – Vegan Gains – one of the biggest vegan influencers on Youtube was the first on to call Jon Venus out.

He made a very direct and no bullsh*t video explaining the issue with eating eggs.

I’ve worked personally with Vegan Gains. He and his wife Jasmin are a very down-to-earth couple and generally are VERY easy to deal with.

Vegan Gains does not call people out for no reason. He calls them out because the only thing he’s interested is the truth.

On top of that Richard is very outspoken and straightforward.

Which means: There’s a very high chance that something is fishy about Jon Venus. I don’t know what it is, but ‘knowing’ Vegan Gains it seems to be the case..

2. Jon keeps messing up

Jon Venus is arguably one of the biggest vegan influencers in the scene. This position gives him a lot of responsibility.

Yet somehow he keeps messing up.

Just one year ago he claimed that he doesn’t want to be labeled a vegan anymore. Now he claims that he ‘experimented’ with eggs.

The reason most people go vegan is because of the well-being of the animals. We want to reduce suffering of sentient beings as far as is possible and practicable.

The vast majority of vegans, including myself, see veganism as a positive movement. We think being called vegan is something that you can be proud of!

Not wanting to be labeled a vegan anymore is something that goes beyond my comprehension and that of most vegans.

Experimenting with eggs, meaning willfully paying for the abuse and suffering of ana animal, also goes beyond my comprehension.

However I also realize that your emotions go havoc when you’re about to become a first-time parent.

3. He has no backbone

I think Jon has no backbone. He feels the weight of being a vegan influencer of his shoulder and he’s unsure.

The best way to predict the future is to look at the past. All these facts and figures point in the direction of Jon Venus slowly moving back from the limelight.

Every time he does a mistake the backlash gets bigger and bigger.

Is this the most positive thing about the vegan community? No it certainly isn’t.

Is this the reality that we deal with and is the hate justified? Probably yes.

Conclusion – The Little Secret Of Jon Venus – Vegan Eats Eggs?

I personally think the emotions of Jon took over when he became a new parent. Combined with the responsibility of being a social vegan influencer he couldn’t handle all the pressure at the same time.

Maybe Jon Venus learns to deal with the pressure in the future, but the reality is that pressure tends to get bigger and bigger over time.

Personally I do not think that Jon is merely in this for the money. I think he understands the ethical, environmental and health standpoint of it. But at the same time, the lack of backbone may just be his downfall..