The Story Of Jon Venus – Fake Vegan?

You have seen the video of Jon Venus where he is no longer labeling himself as a vegan.

You have also seen the video of Vegan Gains where he is calling out Jon for no longer labeling himself as a vegan.

And there’s a law in Website history books that says: Whenever there shall be a quarrel of two big daddys in your field, you shall give your two cents about it.

Because views, that’s why.

Today I want to explain you why Jon doesn’t want to label himself as a vegan anymore, and the reason might shock you.

To be honest, the backlash of the Jon Venus video was pretty big.

In the first day he lost over 500 subscribers. In total there are over 2.000 dislikes on that video, that’s a like to dislike ratio of 1:1.

The backlash was so BIG that Jon put the video down for a moment.

In the video Jon Venus stated multiple times, that he doesn’t care if the viewer would unsubscribe after watching this video. Here’s a tip guys, the people that usually say that they don’t care, often care the most.

And I truly do not think that this is because Jon Venus is this evil creature that just cares about money. I mean he got a family to feed. Youtube and his coaching is the way he puts food on his table.

What I truly think is that Jon Venus suffers from the all-common symptoms of “wanting-to-be-liked-it is”. The reason for that video and why most vegans fail, is social pressure.

I think he just used the word “care” the wrong way. What he should’ve used, he even made a video about it our “wanting-to-be-liked-itis guy”, is the word “judge”.

My whole family is not vegan, yet I still think they’re awesome beings. Yes I do make sometimes inappropriate remarks, yet they’re still my family. I can eat with them at the same table.

Do I care if they put bad food in their body and hurt sentient beings? Yes I do. Does that behavior of my family make me repulsed to everything they do? No. I like all members of family very much. Well, at least of my close one.

Part of why Jon uploaded the video was business and views. That’s the Internet, that’s life, that’s Youtube life. Yet I think for the most part it was because of his need to be liked. And this is dangerous.

We need to realize that whatever we do, there will always be people that dislike our behavior. Gandhi had haters, so did Nelson Mandela. If we’ve haters we’re usually on the right path.

But in the case of Jon, I think he just shot himself in the foot.

Was the video of Jon extremely bad business? Yes. Was the judgement of Vegan Gains hard but true? Yes. Does this all make Jon a bad person? No.

It just makes Jon human. A vegan (or plant-based now) still makes mistakes.

Does that mean his coaching advice is bullocks? No, I don’t think so. I even bought his program some time ago. You know, to confuse the viewers, right babe?

In the end me, Jon and Richard all want to minimize the hurting of sentient beings and improve your quality of life.