The Truth About Earthling Ed

Earthling Ed is one of the biggest driver in the vegan movement in 2019.

He has a wildly popular Youtube channel, has given a couple of TED talks and just recently opened a restaurant called ‘Unity Diner’.

Ed is everything the people of the carnivore community want to be. That’s why Bobby’s Perspective and Sv3rige just recently made a video claiming how Earthling Ed is actually a PAID actor.

Can you believe it?

In this post I’ll debunk the arguments of the carnivore community point-by-point.

Let’s start with the first argument:

1. Earthling Ed is Actually Edward Gaunt

We all know that Earthling Ed is the name Ed uses on the Internet.

His real name, as I believed, was Ed Winters. But it turns out that his real name, is Edward Gaunt.

The reason Ed does that is privacy. and security concerns

The reason I only rarely present my name on the internet, which is actually ‘Florian Wüest’, is because out of the thousands of people I touch on a daily basis, atleast 1 idiot is easily to be found (not the current reader obviously).

Security concerns are an actual concern when you’re a public persona.

2. All Street Interviews Of Earthling Ed Are Fake

Okay let’s give Bobby the benefit of the doubt. Let’s assume the interviews are scripted for a second. We just take a random video of Earthling Ed such as “Vegan Asks Tough Questions At Food Festival (Debate)” and take a look at the ingenious script behind it.

Here’s an excerpt:

The Moderator [Ed] asks: Why do you want to go to the event?

Indian Guy [obviously paid actor] responds: “We heard they had good list of restaurants so we try out. It’s.. uh.. a good day out.”

The script is so BAD that it must be real. Otherwise I’d fire the script writer immediately..

3. The Mysterious Girlfriend Of Edward

This is one of the cringiest arguments of the carniore community.

Bobby’s Perspective actually published private photos of Ed and his family and wanted to ‘know’ more about Ed’s girlfriend.

He claimed in the video that he’s interested in ‘how they met’.

Have you ever considered Bobby that how they met is literally none of your business?

The reason again here is privacy.

4. Earthling Ed Is An Industry Actor

“Earthling Ed has given Ted talks and numerous University speeches.” – claimed the carnivore community.

Ed has done 71 talks in the last 12 months. This is more than one talk per week in different states and countries probably.

The only thing this statement proves is that Ed is an extremely hard worker, passionate about his message.

Do you know how much work it is to give 71 talks in one year? Ed probably sacrifices tons of sleep and free time for the cause.

5. Ed Gaunt’s Got An Industry Funded Patreon

Okay, we’re talking about 6’000$ to 7’000$ dollars a month that Ed gets in his patreon here.

Sv3rige claimed that the industry and some ‘billionaires’ are funding his patreon.

On an average advertising budget of 70 million dollars a year of Monsanto, I’m pretty sure Earthling Ed is one of the main marketing expenses of that enterprises [/irony off].

The 70’000 yearly expenses of Ed would make up about 0,1%.

I also think that billionaire’s which net worth can rise by millions each month donate an average of 6 dollars a month on Patreon to Ed.

This might be the swiss guy speaking but 7’000 dollars is not much. If you’ve always worked at construction like Bobby’s Perspective or don’t have a job or business at all like Sv3rige – then yes it is, but if you’re working your ass off it’s very possible to attain.

They go on to claim that: “How come Earthling Ed lives in London and ges a comfortable lifestiyle?”

This statement is such cringe and envy that I don’t want to accept it.

Man, I hope Ed lives in a great flat, enjoys top-notch food, gets BJs (you know what I mean) on a daily basis and experiences the things he desires. Why?

Because he’s helping the less fortunate, is a man on a mission with a deep purpose and has an absolutely sick work ethic.

6. Ed Winters Got Illuminati Presentation Skills

The whole series of Bobby’s Perspective wants to portray Ed as an industry funded actor. And one reason he claims that, is because Ed must have had presentation training?

I mean, it is freaking free to give a talk at TedX once you have a certain reach. I mean I could probably give a TedX talk if I wanted to.

The reason Plantbasednews promotes Ed is because he’s one of the biggest vegan influencers on the scene.

What annoys me here is that there’s such a lack of resourcefulness in that argument. It just screams victim mentality. Just because Ed can give a great talk, doesn’t mean he’s an industry funded puppet, he likely just is a hard worker.

I mean if you want to learn how to make a presentation you can join the toastmasters club.

I’ve done this. It’s 100 – 200$ per year and it makes you a great public speaker.

You don’t need ‘Illuminati’ or ‘Big Broccoli’ to make a good speech.

7. Earthling Ed Is Profit Hungry

The company behind Unity Diner, Ed’s restaurant, is Twigs & Grass LTD. As you can see before it is a private limited company and not a charity. Why is that so?

I assume that setting up a private limited company is far less complex and has less overhead than a charity. I also think that it gives you a greater possibility to maneuver in the future (the charity label keeps you in a tight box).

In the end if you don’t want to buy a vegan burger at unity diner, don’t do it. I mean even if 0% of the proceeds of Unity Diner would go to charity, as it usually is structured in 99% of the restaurant chains that I know, I’d still go to eat there at Unity Diner on a trip to London.

The Truth About Earthling Ed – Verdict

This was the whole truth about Ed.

100% of the claims of the carnivore community are unfounded and based on shear hate.

Again Ed is everything the people of the carnivore community want to be. A hard-worker, successful and a man on a mission.