The Truth About Organifi – Green Juice Review

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I’ve always been a fan of quick and tasty food. In my past it has treaten me worse, but recently it has been a pleasure.

I’ve stumbled upon Organifi by watching I somehow kinda bonded, in a Youtube type of way, with the founder Drew Canole, which seemed like a pretty genuine guy. Sometimes a little bit weird, but otherwise pretty genuine.

As an online vegan personal trainer and a pretty active guy, I’m constantly trying to improve my productivity and energy levels. That’s when I stumpled upon his product Organifi.

Just recently I decided to order my first bottle of Green Juice from Organifi, which I hesitated for some period of time because of it’s higher price point.

If you want to try the Organifi Green Juice, you can .

Today I want to tell you if the Green Juice from Organifi might be the right thing for you – or not.

To be honest, I literally ordered the bottle with no expectations. And the minute it arrived in my mail I fell in love – well as much as you can with a bottle of powdered green juice.

I’ve never seen a box with so much attention to detail. In fact I kept this carton thing (that the juice came with) for a loong time.

On the box they have three steps to follow to enjoy your organifi, which include open box and find one thing your grateful for today. And at the floor of the box there is a sentence: Your future self is thanking you already.

If a company does this, I salute you.

See, Organifi doesn’t have to do that stuff, but they value the Customer experience. It’s the same thing with Apple, hate it or love it but Steve Jobs understood how to deliver great products.

There’s a story about him designing the memory chips of the Macintosh to look perfect, even though most people won’t ever see it. But if they do, they’ll be freaking delighted. After ordering hundreds of products and providing my own coachingservice, I realized that the customer experience is made in the details.

Delightful is also the ingredient list from . All ingredients are organic, gluten free, soy free and vegan. The sum it up it’s basically a super food blend with some ingredients to enhance the absorption.

Not only do they write which kind of super food they used, they also wrote in what form they used it.

See there: Organic Chlorella – whole plant, which is of course always better than concentrate. Other ingredients such as Organic Matcha Green Tea get used in leaf-form, which is also amazing.

What I don’t like on the Ingredient list, but what you as a manufacturer basically can’t really prevent, is using a term called ‘natural flavours’.

There’s organic lemon flavor, organic mint flavor and organic orange flavor added to the product. This basically means that processed oils or essences of those flavors have been added to make the product taste better.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, I just dislike that these terms are written in such complex terms, just so people don’t understand. But this is a general practice.

Nonetheless, usually the less chemically processed a food is, the better. But hey, at least it tastes freaking freat. Which is awesome and pretty unique for a green juice.

All in all I must say that the ingredients are top-notch and the numbers speak for themselves.

Organifi is now on the Inc 5000 list with over 1.000 five star reviews.

Its founder Drew Canole is someone that’s definitely in the trenches. Even their motto is: We’re in this together.

The shipping was absolutely no hassle and there has been not a single painful experience.

Wait no, there was one.

When you don’t shake or stir your juice enough, you will nearly cough your lungs out. Because the powder will go into your respiratory system. Was a fun moment, I painted the wall over there with the juice.

Conclusion: The Truth About Organifi

All in all I’m really satisfied with this product and must say, that it’s QG approved.

If you want to order a bottle you can , it will take you to their page where you can find, what’s best for you.

They even got a red juice and an organific gold, if you want you can try them all in a sunrise to sunset power box. Or you can even subscribe to monthly supplement delivery, so you don’t have to invest any time and willpower, or worry about it running out – I think eating healthy has never been easier.

Talk about innovation. Thank you Organifi!

Want to order Organifi? Order it risk-free