The Truth About Swanwick Sleep

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I have a confession to make: I like to wake up at 5am in the morning.

Sometimes I need to wake up at that time to go to work, but more often than not I do it for plain pleasure.

You got your whole day ahead of you, everyone is still asleep and no one is ever trying to disturb you at that time.

It’s you time.

To improve my sleep and protect that time I’ve tried multiple measures: I installed black out curtains, I started sleeping in a cold environment and only recently I started using Blue Light Blocking glasses from Swanwick Sleep.

Want to order Swanwick Sleep Glasses?

Now fun fact: Swanwick Sleep has actually sent me the wrong glasses first.

I wanted the Wayfarer Ones but got the Tortoise Shell Glasses.

I asked the Customer Service if I can change them, but after my first night with the Tortoise pair and sleeping amazing, I asked if I could simply buy another pair.

And trust me, I never do that.

1. But, do these Swannies work?

Swannies, so are these blue light blocking glasses called, improve your circadian rhythm.

Your body is constantly trying to figure out what time currently is.

One of the ways your body does this, is by telling what kind of lights are in our environment.

Your retina, the inner coat of the eye, is light-sensitive and sends nerve impulses through the fibres of the optic nerves, to the visual centres of your brain.

Especially blue light is inducing wakefulness and prevents melatonin from getting into your bloodstream.

Why does exactly blue light makes us awake? Well, look at the sky out there. Makes sense evolution-wise, am I right?

Life would be way easier if only the sky would emit blue-light, but nowadays blue light is freaking everywhere.

On your phone, PC, lamps in your fridge and even your bedside lamp.

Leaving your brain thinking that it’s constantly day-time, not cool.

Swannies block the blue light in your environment and therefore tell your brain, that maybe it’s time to shut down and prepare for sleep.

Your brain therefore commands the creation of Melatonin, which is a sleep-inducing hormone.

Melatonin is also anti-inflammatory, responsible for helping you recover while sleeping.

This is crucial for people training on a regular basis.

2. Why Swannies?

Swannies are an FDA registered medical device.

They contain polycarbonate lenses, which were originally developed by the aerospace industry for use in helmet visors worn by astronauts

These lenses are 10 times more impact-resistant than regular plastic lenses, are lightweight and even are used for riot shields by the police.

Swannies contain anti-glare coating on both sides, which reduces reflection and therefore reduces eye strain and improves your vision.

Swannies also have top quality acetate frames with spring hinges.

They’re hypoallergenic, made from renewable ressource, are lightweight and durable.

Their customer service is absolutely amazing, thank you Sarah for dealing with me.

They got over 200 five star reviews!

Fitness celebrities such as Brandon Carter, Ben Greenfield, Shawn Stevenson and Arnold Schwarzenegger have used them and found them absolutely amazing.

And how do the competitors of Swannies look like?

Poor quality, bad looking, yellow tinted glasses that offer only small protection against blue light. Not cool.

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