The Truth About The SmartDesk 2 – Autonomous AI Review

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In the beginning of this year I’ve decided to buy a SmartDesk 2 from Autonomous.Ai.

And trust me, it was a remarkable experience. In a good, and in a negative sense.

Here’s EVERYTHING that is wrong with the SmartDesk 2, AND why I would still buy the electric sit stand desk again knowing this.

1. The Hidden Costs

The Standup desk from Autonomous is very cost-effective. The cheapest options are priced at $249. This is a true bargain.

However if you do not live in the US this can be a significant issue. Here’s why:

1.1 Shipping

To ship the Autonomous Smart Desk 2 to Switzerland I paid a total of nearly $200 dollars. This is understandable if you ship heavy goods, as a nice table, but it’s something that you need to know beforehand.

1.2 Customs

I had the pleasure to realize that the Swiss government declared my sit and stand desk as necessary for customs. So I paid an additional $50 again.

1.3 Opportunity Costs

Setting up the table is a fairly straight forward process. However, it will take at least 2-3 hours of your time.

If you earn a decent wage and take time as seriously as I do, consider going for the option when they install the table for you. Otherwise this could mean tremendous opportunits costs again.

2. The customer support of Autonomous.Ai is non-existent

As someone that literally paid $500 for an Autonomous standing desk, I expected to be welcomed with open hands.

Spoiler alert: I wasn’t.

The customer service of Autonomous. Ai is non-existent. I’m still waiting for a reply to a message that I’ve sent them in mid-2018.

Also the standup desk didn’t arrive with an adapter for my home-country Switzerland. I needed to buy an adapter again for an additional $20.

3. Here’s Why I Still Bought It

Knowing all these negative aspects of the electric standing desk I’d still buy it again. Here’s why I’d still choose it over the ikea standing desk:

3.1 The desk is outstandingly beautiful

I’ve bought the white autonomous sit stand desk and the design is simply out of this world. The table is so clean it almost hurts my eyes.

3.2 The issues are almost entirely non-US

The sit to stand desk issues that I’ve mentioned before are almost entirely non-US related. You’re shipping will be way easier in the US and you’ll not be dealing with stupid customs.

As I do not spend much time in Switzerland to this date, I’d still order it.

3.3 The product is very good

While the desk is beautiful, it also gets the job done. The sitting to standing motion is flawless (next to an annoying unique sound in my desk). It is stable and it’s absolutely reliable. Double thumbs up.

Conclusion – The Truth About The SmartDesk 2 – Autonomous AI Review

Now would I recommend you the SmartDesk 2? If you live outside the US: Maybe. If you live in the US: Abso-freaking-lutely.

You can order it here: