Vegan Eats Non Vegan Food – What Now?

You just ate a food that is not vegan. You are a vegan and you ate meat. Maybe your stupid friends got you into a prank, or maybe you as a vegan just ate meat accidentally.

Or maybe you as a vegan ate cheese in a pizza and didn’t know it.

What should you do now?

Here’s a 3-step process that I do whenever I eat something non-vegan, accidentally, yes this sometimes happens.


I’m in Bali right now and trust me, it’s nice. Great beaches, great coworking spaces, great freaking people (me included). But, but: There’s a downside.

Sometimes the local people do not understand if you tell them no animals, no dairy, none of that sh*t nada.

So it happened that when I was ordering food, I usually take some sort of salad bowl, that I got different sauces every single time.

Every time I ordered a salad bowl I got different freaking sauces.

And every time I told them I was vegan. Because, that’s what vegans do. Am I right?

One time I asked: Hey, I notice I get different sauces every time, you sure they are vegan?

Alrighty then.

As you can imagine that waiter is dead right now. He died of natural causes, he fell of the roof twice.

So here’s the first step that I do that you can literally apply to everything in your life:

1. We acknowledge that this was a mistake

See there’s a time and place for the emotion of pain. And it’s okay to feel pain and some sort of anger if his happens.

What pain actually is, is a guiding light. Or a guiding force. It tells you “hey, you should probably stop doing what is painful right now.”

Pain is there to facilitate action.

Okay, after pain does his job we can simply shove it under the rug. No time and place for that sh*t.

So we acknowledge, that we’ve made a mistake.

If however, you deliberately ate an animal product you’re a bad person and you just killed a bunny rabbit. But not a regular one, one with very big eyes.

Just kidding, if that is the case, look into your why. Why have you become vegan in the first place? Although there are a lot of good reasons, the most convincing ones are ethics. I think re-watching the movie dominion will put you back on track.

2. We make sure that the mistake never happens again

That’s why the Indonesian waiter is now dearly missed. It was a very sad coincidence. A coincidence. A very sad coincidence. Sigh.

This is the action part of where pain guides you. Now every time when I get the sauces I double check. Are these the right sauces next to my salad?

If not, I adopt. I call the waiter and tell him: These are not the sauces that I want, can you please change them.

I can tell you those roofs are dangerous here. It’s hard to fall of a roof twice but somehow, these waiters always manage to do it.

3. We move on

See I think Vegan Gains once said that he’d throw up when he eats something non-vegan accidently. For me, f*ck if I’m honest it happened plenty of times in my vegan journey.

I’d say about once every 2 months I put something in my body that had some sort of milk powder as it’s 23rd ingredient and I only realize in hindsight that I messed up.

See about 5 years ago when I became vegan it was easy to know if you’ve messed up.

Animal foods and non-animal foods had a very distinct taste. But now, the sauce in that salad bowl tasted just like a vegan sauce.

See talk with every vegan and if they’re honest, they’ll tell you that they’ve eaten some animal foods accidentally. Being vegan is not about being a saint or a monk. You will mess up on your journey.

That’s ok.

What matters is that you get back on the freaking track. That you minimize animal suffering with your food and clothing choice long-term, as much as you possibly can.

Conclusion – Vegan Eats Non Vegan Food – What Now?

See I personally can not possibly think about a future when I’m not vegan. It doesn’t even process in my brain.

I have a very strong why – I believe passionately about this message – and frankly, also my livelihood depends on being vegan. Unless I’d decide to suddenly lie to all those people online.

Which is not that uncommon on the online sphere though.

However accidents happen. Setbacks happen. We’re all not perfect.

The best thing is that we acknowledge the mistake, make sure it never happens again and then move on.

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