Why You Should Hire A Vegan Or Vegetarian Fitness Coach

vegan fitness coach vs regular fitness coach

If you’re a vegetarian or a vegan, and looking to get in the best shape of your life…

… then you should always hire a vegetarian/ vegan fitness coach.

There is no exception to this rule. You are universally better off if you work with a person where your core values align with.

But there are many different aspects to hiring and working with a trainer. In this article, you’ll learn:

  1. Why, if you’re a vegan or vegetarian, you should be concerned with getting in shape (and do so quickly and sustainably)

  2. Why, if you’re a vegan, you should consider hiring a fitness coach

  3. And why, that fitness coach, should be as similar as possible to you

Let’s dive right in:

halo effect - and why every vegan or vegetarian needs to be in shape

The ‘Halo Effect’ – And Why Every Vegan Or Vegetarian Needs To Be In Shape

Every vegan or vegetarian should make it as their key target to be in wonderful shape.

Because if you’re not in wonderful shape, people will universally think it is because of your vegetarian or vegan nutrition.

Yep, life is that unfair.

Psychologists call this the ‘Halo effect’: Two completely unrelated aspects can be perceived as being related to each other.

halo effect perception

Or the legendary psychologist Robert Cialdini puts it more bluntly: “What is focal – is causal.”

For most people around you, veganism is focal – and your shape (what they will see) – will be directly tied to that (causal).

So while for most people, their vegetarian and vegan nutrition choices has almost nothing to do with their physical shape…

reality halo effect

… most people will perceive it to have everything to do with their physical shape.

The Halo Effect in Action: Veganism

Our brains are naturally not as good at differentiating between causality and correlation. We as vegans (or vegetarians) naturally know this:

  • “You look more pale than usual – must be due to veganism!”

  • “You look more skinny than usual – must be due to veganism!”

  • “You look more fat than usual – must be due to veganism!”

  • “You are more often sick – must be due to veganism!”

Yep, those ad-hominem attacks (in plain English, this means: personal attacks) are not fair – but that’s how our monkey brain works.

We might live in modern times, but our brain is still busy camping in the pre-historic jungle.

artificial intelligence, brain, thinking

That’s why to accurately represent veganism and vegetarianism, it needs to be a key priority for all vegetarians and vegans to be in wonderful shape.

I’ll outline more wonderful reasons to get in shape in my book ‘The Fit Vegans Secrets’. You can learn more about it – and download an absolutely free copy – here: https://fitvegans.com/secrets/

the fit vegans secrets

Now that you’re looking to get in shape…

Why Should You Hire A Coach?

If you’re serious about achieving your fitness goals, you’ll need to work with a coach or personal trainer.

There’s no way around that.

Frankly, there’s a reason almost every successful person has a mentor. And there’s a reason every single athlete has a coach.

Here’s why.

For a quick background:

  • I’ve trained 1,000s of people in-person as a fitness trainer. 

  • Supervised 40 trainers as a manager of 5 fitness centers in the heart of Switzerland. 

  • And have now worked with 300+ vegans from 24 countries online as the founder of fitvegans.com.

Here’s 3 reasons you should hire a personal trainer or fitness professional:

1. You get there quicker

According to CDC data, 1 out of 50 people in the US have the body fat percentage required for a sixpack. (Body Fat Percentage Comparison Calculator for Men and Women in the United States: https://dqydj.com/body-fat-percentage-distribution-men-women/)

In comparison, the US boasts 24,000,000+ millionaires. This means that almost 1 out of 10 people in the US are millionaires. (Population of millionaires by country: https://www.credit-suisse.com/about-us/en/reports-research/global-wealth-report/tables.html)

Meaning: Being in great shape is 3-times LESS common than having a net worth of a million or more.

Shocker, right?

Yes, on social media it might seem that everyone is in shape. Social media is great at that thing… 

… at which thing? Well, serving us an off-base picture of reality.

Visible abs

But in the reality zip code – far away from the social media zip code – only a teeny-tiny percentage of the population is waltzing through life in great physical condition. 

So if you want to get in shape as quickly as possible..

.. you have to beat momentous odds that are stacked against you. 

For that, you often need guidance. 

2. You time travel

Given the previous facts, this might sound outrageous: 

I’m very confident that given enough time and effort you could figure out how to get in shape on your own. 

However, how do you value your time? 

Working with the right person is like buying time. Because you’ll save 1,000-plus hours of figuring this out on your own. 

1,000 hours+ is what it took me – and what it took for the rare breed of fit people I know. 

So let’s say you make a minimum wage of $7.25. Saving 1,000+ hours is worth $7,250 to you. 

A dollar saved is a dollar earned.. 

.. so technically, that is your war chest which you could use to deploy towards getting in shape. 

I say ‘technically’, because most people do not think that way..

Most people squander their time but guard their money. Which is nonsensical. Money is replaceable while time isn’t. 

If you’re the rare breed of people that values your time more than money, you might soon join the rare breed of people that are in shape. 

money, bank, shopping

3. You vote with your dollar

In his best-selling book ‘Atomic Habits’, James Clear outlines that every day we vote with our behaviors which person we are. 

The author makes a compelling argument that our behaviors create our identity: As we do, so we are. 

I agree, however.. 

.. an even better examination of our identity is where we spend our money: As we pay, so we are.

In the past, I’ve coached some friends and acquaintances for free. A big mistake. I can not name one person that has gotten in shape and maintained it. Not one. 

The reality is that if we pay, we pay attention. 

This might not always be true, as I’m sure we all have fitness equipment that we barely use, however..

.. paying always amplifies our actions.

It makes it easier to form habits with paid decisions because putting money on our actions increases their significance. 

I have plenty of friends that are in business. All are intelligent and hardworking. But..

..some friends are very successful, while some are still struggling. 

The one common denominator that I see that differentiates them is their attitude to investing in themselves. 

Now, you know why getting in shape is important – and why hiring a coach is essential, but:

Why Should You Hire A Vegan Coach?

Before we start this section: I’ve shot an in-depth overview about this topic a while ago. You can watch a video of yours truly – award-winning personal trainer and published author – about the key differences between a vegan and regular fitness coach here:https://youtu.be/aPhL3KT-ZjI

In the above picture you see Stefan, a former fit vegan client, turning from a carnivore to a vegan to a fit vegan. Over this fitness journey, Stefan felt that he tried almost everything.

Yet to achieve his fitness goals safely and sustainably – Stefan required the right type of coaching.

In this section you’ll learn what makes vegan fitness coaching different, and what it really takes to succeed. I’ll also sprinkle in a few of our testimonials for that additional motivation.

the fit vegans secrets

What It Takes To Achieve Your Health And Fitness Goals: Vegan Diet, Exercise… or Habits?

In my wildly popular book ‘The Fit Vegan’s Secrets’, I outline that the best, sustainable healthy lifestyle changes, are built with the following tools in the fit vegan pro’s toolbox:

  1. The art and science of (healthy) lifestyle change

  2. A performance-focused whole food plant-based nutrition

  3. An efficient exercise schedule

If you’re looking to speed up your fitness journey, these are the components you need to factor in.

I call this the ‘M&M Clause’ in the book, given that this is an easy way for potential clients to pre-select a (vegan) trainer.

fit vegan trainer

A performance-focused whole food plant-based diet: How does vegan nutrition factor in the coaching?

The first and foremost tool to get in shape is nutrition. As we’ve seen above, the right type of vegan diet can disproportionately improve your results.

I say the ‘right‘ type of vegan nutrition, because a plant-based diet is simply not enough:

  • You can eat a plant-based diet and still not be in fantastic shape.

  • You can eat a plant-based diet and NOT lose fat – in fact, you might actually gain fat.

It’s not a plant-based diet that will get you to the perfect amount of fat loss, perfect BMI, body weight, health – as well as physical shape/confidence that you desire…

… but a performance-focused whole food plant-based diet.

The bridge between a vegan lifestyle – that is not necessarily conducive to a great fitness level – and a performance-focused WFPB diet is often a nutrition coach.

A performance-focused WFPB diet is different. Such a diet will not have any animal products, but it will ALSO necessarily contain:

  • The right amount of calories

  • The right supplements (potentially protein powder/protein shakes)

  • The right time of food input

  • The right type of comfort-fuel balance, factoring in for the client’s unique needs (gluten free etc.)

60 year old fit vegan

An efficient exercise schedule: What role do workouts play?

Nutrition is one tool in our toolbox, and so is exercise and proper workout plans.

While most people do not want to turn into the next Arnold Schwarzenegger, we still can not understate the value of getting the right type of workouts in. This allows us to:

  • Build strength

  • Build muscle

  • Cultivate our ‘hard work’ muscle

While strength training can be done at the gym, 80% of our clients do workout in the comfort of their home.

Vegan fitness transformation

How do you create a healthy vegan lifestyle?

Workouts and nutrition are integral tools in the fitness journey. Yet the absolute best strategy does not work, if we do not follow it.

Or, if we do not stick to it long enough. Right?

What we need to create a sustainable, healthy lifestyle is:

  • Accountability (be that in a private facebook group or over instant messages)

  • A coach that we’re able to talk to (and that is able to answer our questions, even the most personal ones (this is why we have both men and women as support coaches))

  • Proper motivation and desire (keeps things fun)

  • Mindset of a fit vegan

Working with a vegan fitness coach: Combining it all in one

Looking over the M&M Clause it’s obvious that most of the parts are not present in regular fitness strategies.

  • A gym will not contain any nutrition aspect, nor a behaviour change component

  • A personal trainer will not contain any nutrition aspect, nor a behaviour change component

  • A nutritionist will not contain any workout aspect, nor a behaviour change component

Which means that typically, your absolute best bet for getting in shape and achieving your fitness goals is to work with a vegan fitness coach.

How Do You Get Started With Vegan Coaching?

At this stage, if you’re a vegan and inclined to get in wonderful shape – and you̵