The Most Honest Advice About Vegan Weight Loss

In this article I’m going to give you my best vegan weight loss tips.

This will be a quick read, if you just stick to it to the very end you can drastically increase your chances of sticking to your diet and seeing the weighing scale move down in a predictable and effective manner.

You will also be able to fit into your clothes perfectly again and feel 100% comfortable in your body:

“Everything Is Lost”

I was on a call recently with Jeff, an awesome fellow vegan that is looking to get in his best vegan shape and be a great ambassador for the vegan movement.

On the call, Jeff told me:

“Everything is over now.. I binged over this weekend, drank alcohol and.. everything is lost!”

He fell off the bandwagon over the weekend and is looking to throw in the towel now.

“Jeff”, I told him, “hold on for a minute. Remember what I told you in the beginning of this vegan weight loss program? If there’s one thing guaranteed on this journey it is setbacks.”

He gave me an understanding nod.

So I continued: “You’ve followed the vegan weight loss meal plan religiously for 2 months. You lost 11lbs already.. Do you think 2 days of binge eating will eliminate your entire vegan weight loss story?”

“No.. I think it won’t..”, Jeff continued. “But..”

“Jeff..”, I interrupted politely, “you have such great vegan weight loss before and after pictures. I don’t want you throw in your towel.. So, has your scale even moved?”

Jeff felt visibly moved at this point – but his weighing scale apparently hasn’t:

“No it didn’t .. But Florian..”

“Jeff”, I interrupted again, “why do you think everything is lost now?”

“I really.. I..”, Jeff paused, “I really.. don’t know.”

We both left out an awkward laugh..

See, Jeff came so close to throwing in the towel. So close to giving up on his goals..

All of this based on an arbitrary setback that really doesn’t mean ANYTHING in the grand scheme of things.

So.. what happened?

Vegan Weight Loss Is Not Black & White

Quite simply: Jeff is a perfectionist. He believes that everything is all or nothing. Everything is black or white with no grey zone.

Yet weight loss is ALL ABOUT the grey zone..

Too many people fail their weight loss journey because they think that everything is lost.

They deviate slightly from the ideal route and – instead of course correcting – sink their own ship.

  • See, the bad thing about us humans is that we make mistakes.
  • The good thing about us humans is that we can start again new. Smarter and better.

We do not need a new year. A new month. A new week – not even a new day.

All that matters is a new moment.. And the decision to go after our goals.

This is my most honest advice to you when it comes to vegan weight loss:

NEVER sink your ship if it deviates from the ideal route. Instead course correct. Stay in the game and make the decision to keep going after your goals.

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