The Weak Vegan Myth Exposed – How To Feel Strong On A Vegan Diet

8 years ago – before I was vegan – I was mentally, physically and emotionally weak.

Today, I feel strong. In control. And proud of what I’ve accomplished. All WHILE being vegan.

Here’s EXACTLY how I achieved that.

In this article you’ll learn how you can feel better about yourself & be stronger – as a vegan. Here’s everything I’ve learned from my transformation of weak omnivore to fit vegan.

Are you ready? Let’s just jump right into it:

The first point is the one thing that made the biggest difference in my perception of myself.

And this point is:

1. Alignment

This might sound odd. Don’t worry. This is no woo-woo stuff.

Here’s what I mean with ‘Alignment’:

See, we all have a picture in our mind of the person we’d like to be:

  • The traits we’d like to have.
  • The appearance we’d like to present.
  • The things we’d like to own.

⮞ This is our future self

And then we have our current self:

  • The traits we currently have.
  • The appearance we currently have.
  • The things we currently own.

Here’s what BLEW me away when I first stumbled upon it:

We feel best about ourselves – we feel strong – when our actions are aligned with our future self’s goals. Not our current self’s.

Ever done something and felt horrible about yourself? Me too. A multitude of times.

The reason we feel weak as a vegan was likely because our actions were NOT aligned with the person we’d like to be.

On the contrary: The action was likely guided by our current self and it’s shortcomings.

Action Step – Alignment

Look at your daily actions and your choices. Are they aligned with the person you want to become? Or are they aligned with the person that you currently are?

The question is not: ‘Who are you?’ – the question is: ‘Who are you becoming?’

2. Mental Strength

Think of a time you were MOST proud of yourself.

Now search for attributes to describe yourself in that situation. It’s very likely you would list ‘mentally strong’.

What I’ve also noticed, in the times when we feel most proud about ourselves, are when your actions are aligned with the person we’d like to become – not with the person we currently are.

Here’s an example of my life when I felt very proud about myself:

Once upon a time I was extremely dissatisfied with my dating life. This is an understatement. To be honest: I was lonely.

The feeling of going up to a stranger that I like and saying ‘hello!’ was almost unbearable.

It must be so shy and awkward – am I right? It must feel so horrible, am I right?

As a result of that I didn’t do anything about my situation for months. I tried to shove it under the rug. But to be honest: I was feeling mentally weak.

And then, one day, I had enough. I hired a coach. Mustered up the courage AND..

… walked over to a stranger I like and said: ‘Hi, sorry to disturb, but I saw you and I had to say hello.’

Sounds awkward? It was.

Did I feel good about myself? You bet I did.

So, here’s something mentally strong people do:

  1. Getting clear on what they want.
  2. Doing what it takes to get there.
  3. Getting what they want.

Here’s a couple traits mentally strong people have:

  1. Acting despite of their emotions.
  2. Deciding to say no.
  3. Embracing discomfort.

Action Step – Mental Strength:

What is something that you’ve been putting off for months? Stop with the excuses and do it now.

Mental strength is not laying bare, waiting for you to pick it up. Instead it’s buried under multiple layers of discomfort.

3. Physical Strength

Think about a person that has EXTREME mental strength. How does that person look like?

Likely you’re imagining a person that is muscular. Lean. Physically strong.

A person absolutely in control of their body. A person that looks in the mirror and feels proud of what they see.

Our mind influences our body. Our body influences our mind.

The act of consistent, strenuous and routinized physical exercise not only strengthens our body. It strengthens our mind.

Physical prowess doesn’t guarantee mental strength. But more often than not it’s the fundament. The breeding ground for the latter.

Action Step – Physical Strength:

Commit to a consistent physical training routine. Aim for 2-3 trainings a week. Do the work and embrace the pain.

Invitation For Vegans:

Helping vegans get fit & strong is also something that I work on with my private coaching clients.

So if you’d like me to help you lose your fat, build lean muscle and get in the best shape of your life – you can get a free consultation with me here: