3 Whole Food Plant Based Success Stories

A whole food plant-based diet is the best diet that you can follow for weight loss and your well-being. There is a multitude of scientific evidence to prove that.

But often before making a choice, we would like to hear some stories as well, right?

In this video and article, you’ll discover 3 amazing plant based diet testimonials and wfpb success stories.

1. Dr. Thomas

I say doctor because Thomas is an MD.

That itself is already remarkable, because while doctors are a caring, awesome and trustworthy group of people – they often don’t really seem to make the connection with their food choices and well-being.

They don’t typically switch to a plant based lifestyle, right?

Thomas – and other remarkable doctors are the exception. You can learn about the 7 most famous plant-based doctors here: https://fitvegans.com/famous-plant-based-doctors/

What made Thomas’s transformation especially remarkable is that Thomas underwent bypass surgery a few years ago. When he was still eating meat.

Bypass surgery is done if a person is suffering from heart disease. And heart disease is seen by the medical establishment as a disease that can only be prevented – but not cured.

But Thomas, has proven them all wrong.

After switching to a largely whole food plant-based diet, exercising regularly and losing a bunch of weight – his heart disease is in complete remission and he’s running triathlons.

  • Thomas’s blood pressure is significantly lower.
  • So are his cholesterol levels.
  • And his coronary artery calcium (CAC) score.

Dr. Dean Ornish was the first doctor and researcher to highlight this potential of a whole food plant-based diet back in 1990 – and proved this again 8 years later with another study. Thus far, the research is not known to the public.

Most people still think that heart disease can not be cured – or even prevented. That is untrue. And Thomas is a prime example of that.

2. Jens

Before switching to a largely whole food plant based diet and making better lifestyle choices, Jens was severely bloated.

You see on this before picture, his stomach is popping out. Jens was in pain and constantly needed to suck in his stomach.

This strongly decreased his life quality because Jens is a dad, husband, business owner and martial artist. Meaning, Jens is a role model for a variety of people – to the employees he works with but especially to his kids.

After working with me, switching to a largely whole foods plant based diet and being more active – Jens is able to present a rock-hard sixpack.

His energy is strongly improved.

And he finally serves as the superhero role model for his kids.

If you’re thinking about starting a whole food plant-based diet to lose weight, then let me assure you that it’s the best diet that you can follow for weight loss. Animal foods are significantly more calorie dense than plant foods. Plant foods are significantly more satiating than animal foods.

What you want in a diet is foods that are low in calories and high in satiety. Which a whole food plant based diet is full of.

3. Matthew

Before switching to a largely whole food plant-based diet, Matthew was confused.

He was a vegan for a multitude of years and a very educated person in all relations of health and fitness. He bought the Plant-based nutrition course from eCornell, he ran triathlons, he worked out 7 days a week – yet he was simply not seeing the results that he wanted.

He was tired of getting comments of people claiming that ‘he doesn’t even work out’. Remember, this is a guy that trains 7 days a week.

While being on our first call together we quickly saw that the nutrition he was having was structured well – but just not well enough for his unique situation.

It didn’t take long for Matthew to see that he was on the right track. He lost body fat quickly and gained a significant amount of muscle.

I highlight Matthew’s story here because there’s a big gap between amateur and pro. There’s an equal gap between pro and expert.

Matthew, before starting to work with me, was a pro. To achieve his goals he needed an expert. And that’s ok.

Because Matthew is a rockstar salesman. That’s his craft. I’m a rockstar coach, that is my craft. If this is not your area of mastery, then the knowledge or level of self discipline you have might simply not be enough to get your goals dialled in.

It takes a very strong person, like Matthew, to swallow one’s ego and say: I am not yet good enough for my goals. Now, let me find out how I can get good enough to achieve them.

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