Why Is Jocko Willink So Massive – Jocko Willink Training

Who can do infinite push ups?

Who can kill two stones with one bird?

Who wears sunglasses so his eyes won’t hurt the sun?

Chuck Norris.

I would make those jokes about Jocko Willink, but Jocko is not a freaking joke. Jocko is the end boss of every end boss of every game you’ve played.

The one that the character of the game is nevergoing to face, because beating Jocko is impossible.

If Jocko Willink was in the 300 movie the movie would be called 1. When Chuck Norris goes to sleep at night he checks under his bed for Jocko.

If you have watched Jocko’s Ted Talk you’ve noticed three things:

  1. Jocko is an awesome speaker.
  2. Jocko is the ultimate badass.
  3. Jocko is absolutely massive.

But why is Jocko Willink so massive? And why he practically shouldn’t be.
Jocko was in war and isn’t afraid about talking about it:

«War is horrible and gruel.»

War is the ultimate stress situation for your body.

If there’s one thing you need to know about muscle building, it’s the relation between C and T.

C stands for Cortisol, which is a stress hormone.

And T stands for Testosterone, which is a muscle building hormone.

The less C, the more T – the more C, the less T. If you’re in war you have a lot of C-cortisol, which means you have less T-testosterone. Practically Jocko should not have much muscles then.

But why is Jocko then so massive if he’s completely filled with Cortisol?

Because of his badass mindset.

If Jocko faces stress, he asks himself: Is this truly in my control? Can I do something about it?

Which is an absurd question – Jocko’s computer keyboard doesn’t even have a control key, because Jocko is always in control. If facing a stressful situation, Jocko is immediately putting in the work to make his situation better.

He also likes putting his life in perspective. Thinking about other soldiers, that had it much worse.

Now wait, a soldier which is in a really bad situation, thinks about other soldiers that had it worse? Yes, completely badass! Now you think you have it bad in a cubicle? Think about the people that put their life on the line on a daily basis.

Managing stress by putting your life in perspective and taking immediate action is key to lower cortisol and get more testosterone.

Part of why Jocko is so massive.

Another result of Jocko’s military experience is his discipline.

Jocko has immense amount of discipline. Partly because as a soldier you immediately know your ‘WHY’. If you’re in war, you simply have to be better than your enemy. If you don’t go to the gym, if you don’t practice enough you literally going to die. This may even put the possibility of steroids on here, but I’m pretty sure the needle would be too afraid to hurt Jocko.

But the needle would also be too afraid to disobey Jocko’s command, so it probably would collaps in spacetime, leaving a glitch in the matrix.

A huge part of building muscle is training on a continuous basis. If you got the right amount of discipline, as Jocko and you know your why – why you want to achieve your goal – you’re more likely to train on a regular basis. And get massive, as Jocko.

The biggest part of Jocko’s mindset hack is probably his Extreme Ownership.

Jocko is not afraid of making decisions and taking on responsibility.

Jocko even wrote a book about it. He’s even an author – damn, I wonder what Jocko couldn’t do, so I took 2.5 weeks off and made a list:


Taking full responsibility, for where you are, at this moment is the most important part.

Not only on building muscle, but for building a life. To decide to not be in the passenger seat, but to grab the steering wheel – unless of course, Jocko’s driving.

Accept that you may be overweight, you may be broke. That’s ok, but start searching actionable ways to change your situation for the better. By making better decisions, because your previous decisions have most likely brought you to where you are at this moment.

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Most people don’t do that, that’s why people sue McDonalds because they poured their McDonalds coffee over themselves. That’s why there are hit and run drivers, people that don’t take responsiblity for their actions. Take full responsibility, in good and bad times, even when you screwed up.
You will be more respected, you will have a better body, your financial life will be better and your testosterone will rise.