The REAL Reason Why You’re Not Losing Weight On A Vegan Diet

This video is especially for people that have gone vegan recently. And maybe, one of the key thoughts at the back of your mind was ‘veganism is nice for the animals and the environment, but I really do this mainly for losing weight.

And that’s ok.

But now, maybe a few months into your journey, you noticed that the weight is not going in the right direction.

You’re reaching a point where your friends that went vegan are losing weight.

And everyone asks you why you’re not skinny, as a vegan.

If that IS your situation, if you’re nodding all the way through my explanation before, then you fell deep into the..


Look, there’s not the ONE diet to lose weight. There are certain diets that make dieting easier, healthier and more sustainable, but there’s not ONE diet that will make you lose weight.

Here’s how to get out of the diet trap:

1. Block out the noise

There’s so much information out there right now in the health & fitness sphere. Some of the information is just blatantly there to confuse you, and lure you into the diet trap.

That’s not good.

The weight loss advice that actually works is not fancy, it’s not marketing talk, it’s not a new 2021 strategy. Good weight loss advice, is like a screwdriver or a wheel. They are not fancy or gold plated. They just need to get the job done.

Blocking out the noise helped me get into the best shape of my life and it helped me help over 200 vegans from 20 countries now get in the best shape of their life as well.

So action step for you: Practice selective ignorance. Block out the noise. Shut the windows, close the curtains and focus on the basics.

What are the basics?

2. Measure your bank balance

I’m serious. How much money is in your bank account right now? If you’re trying to save money then you should know that answer.

Your bank balance, NOT your doge coin holdings, is naturally the main thing that you should be focused on if your goal is saving your money.

In weight loss, the most important thing is obviously different.

So what is your average weight of last week? If you’re trying to lose weight then you should know that answer.

If you’re answer was ‘Ugh, I don’t know’ or then you’re literally saving money without ever checking your bank balance.

If you’re answer was ‘Last month I was 200lbs’, then you’re literally measuring your bank balance only after pay day, and then are shocked when it goes out of control the rest of the month.

If you’re answer was ‘I’m not really focused on weight, I’m focused on how my clothes fit’, then you’re saying I’m not measuring my bank balance because I want to save for a home. Measuring your bank balance will get you to have enough money to then get your home.

So action step: Measure your weight regularly. Step on the weighing scale daily, write down your weight and then take averages over the week. Then, celebrate when you see less weight on the scale but keep your main focus on the averages.

This one thing will take you further than ANYTHING else on the market. I’m dead serious here. Measuring what matters is the most important thing ever. Next to hummus. The world would just not be complete without hummus.

3. Control your expenses.

So you’re measuring your bank balance and you notice that there’s still month left at the end of your money. Been there, done that.

So what do you do? Sure you can battle with your boss for a raise but that is likely not happening that fast. You can also swear at the doge coin charts and hope that will influence the growth of it, but that is likely not the best strategy as well.

The fastest way is to take a look at your expenses. Are you spending $500 a month on Starbucks?

Same with weight loss. Sure you can spend 1 hour every day training in the gym, but that is like asking your boss for a raise, or yelling at the graph of dogecoin. It doesn’t have that big of an effect on weight loss.

What you really want to do, is checking your expenses.

And expenses are your intake of calories.

So check your expenses. And the only way to properly check your expenses is to get real, bite the bullet and track your calories.

You do not need to track your calories forever. But you want to get absolute clarity on your situation and start feeling like you do have control over your health.

It’s as Karl Jung said:

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

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