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My name is Florian Wüest and I help vegans lose fat, build lean muscle, and get in the best shape of their lives.

  • Thrive on a vegan lifestyle

  • Be a positive vegan role model

  • Be the best you can be

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Want to get in your best vegan shape?

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Fun Facts About Me: :

  • I’m a super book nerd. ‘Zero to One’, ‘Shoe Dog’ and ‘China Study’ are some of my favorites.
  • I’m an early riser. My alarm clock goes off at 5:30am. 7 days a week.
  • I never drink alcohol. I tend to drink too much coffee though.
  • 6 years vegan and wish I went vegan sooner!
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How My ‘Fit Vegan Evolution’ Program Works:

Imagine your vegan health & fitness goal as a mountain you have not yet ascended:


Step 1: Ascending Preparation

Together we take a look at the mountain that you’re aiming to ascend.

We find the fastest route and the most efficient way to get there.

We map out the exact journey and put it down into babysteps.

We do the necessary preparation so the entire journey to your goals is as simple and straightforward as possible.

Goal: Clear direction and understanding of not only how to ascend the mountain – but also how to do it in a sustainable and healthy manner.


Step 2: Reaching The Top With Me As Your Sherpa

Together we embark on the ideal route that we preplanned.

In this time you can think of me as your sherpa.

I look over your progress, stay with you every step of the way, and make sure that you stay on route.

Based on the speed of our ascent, I improve and iterate your route so you can get to the top in the fastest way possible..

Goal: Reaching your goal.


Step 3: Building A Base Camp

When we ascended the mountain together..

When you‘ve proved to yourself that it can be done..

When you feel fully confident in what you achieved..

We build a base camp so you can stay at this new set point.

We create a new lifestyle that you can stick to for the rest of your life.

The goal is for you to become fully aligned with your expectations of yourself and your high standards.

Goal: Becoming a fit vegan role model and ambassador for life.


Want to get in your best vegan shape?

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Vegan Personal Trainer Review Dave

Dave S. Anderson, Vegan Entrepreneur reviewed – Quality Gains Review

“Before I met Florian I was focusing heavily on my business – while disregarding my personal health. Due to this focus I lacked energy. I was not comfortable or fully confident in myself.

Yet after meeting Florian this all changed. After working together for 4 weeks I lost 10.2lbs of fat while increasing my energy and revenue of my business. I realized that how you do one thing is how you do everything.”

matthew before and after transformation

Matthew Klingner, Vegan Sales Professional reviewed FitVegans.comQuality Gains Review

“I am an endurance athlete. I run marathons and compete in triathlons. Yet before I met Florian I did not feel confident in my body.

I train and compete like an athlete, yet before I started this program people told me they didn’t think that I was actually fit. Because I did not look like a fit person.

This was extremely frustrating.

So I knew I needed to make a change. I had a very good knowledge of nutrition and fitness already, yet general knowledge alone was not enough to get me to the level that I wanted to be. I did not have a step by step plan.

After working with Florian for 3 months I’ve reduced my body fat percentage from 27% to 12%. I’ve gained a solid amount of vegan muscle and increased my running performance. I feel more confident and have markably increased self esteem. The best of all: I am just halfway through the program!”

Want to get in your best vegan shape?

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Vegan online coaching Mayra Villegas Proof shot

Mayra Villegas, Vegan Professional reviewed FitVegans.comQuality Gains Review

“I wanted to feel stronger and fitter to pass my physical fitness test for the military.

However, I didn’t know how to structure my vegan nutrition and exercise schedule properly, so achieving a strong and fit physique was hard.

This uncertainty gave me a lot of frustration, as I didn’t really know what to do to pass the test for the US military. I felt like I had no control over my future.

Then I stumbled upon Florian. Within 4 weeks of working together I have lost 6lbs. I follow a routine now that is fit for my busy schedule and makes achieving my physical fitness goals easy.

I feel stronger and more consistent than ever and feel 100% confident in passing my physical fitness test. “


Oliver Hojas, Abstract Artist reviewed FitVegans.comQuality Gains Review

“Before I met Florian I stepped on the scale and I was shocked at what I saw. Barely 65kg, I never was so thin in my life. I felt uncomfortable in my body and not confident.

I knew I needed to change, I just didn’t know how I could achieve that with my busy schedule. I didn’t have certainty nor clarity on what I needed to do next to achieve my dream weight.

Yet after working with Florian for 10 weeks I’ve gained more than 5kg (11.5lbs). I feel confident. I have better self esteem and this shows in my personal life, dating life and in my career.”

Want to get in your best vegan shape?

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