Why A Growing Mob Of Doctors Recommend Veganism To Lose Weight

A rapidly growing mob of doctors recommend a vegan diet to their patients to lose weight.

A vegan diet, that is:

  • A diet that is completely devoid of any animal products…

… seems to go hand in hand with weight loss – like a carnivore diet with diarrhea.

While there’s not a one size fits all diet, those doctors agree that if there’s to be a ring of diet that has the capacity to rule them all – it’s a vegan diet.

Here’s why:

In this article, you’ll discover:

  • Why a vegan diet sits on the Iron Throne of weight loss diets
  • How to transition to a healthy vegan diet effortlessly
  • And how to melt body fat sustainably by changing your microbiome.

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For those that are new here: Hi, I’m Florian – award-winning personal trainer, published author and vegan since 8 years.

So… let’s just dive right in:

The Doctors Of The Growing Mob Revealed

The undercover mob of doctors that recommend vegan diets to their patients is largely led by Michael Greger by Nutritionfacts.org – Dr. T. Colin Campbell and the legendary Dr. John McDougall.

These are all very notable medical doctors and bestselling authors.

But why would a group of educated members of society recommend people in their care to follow a diet centered around plant based foods?

It might just be because a vegan diet is fantastic for weight loss. Here’s why:

Why A Vegan Diet Is The Best Diet For Losing Weight

This is a bold statement: You can not go wrong by choosing a vegan diet for weight loss.

This is because based foods are nutrient dense foods – and significantly less calorie dense than animal foods.

So if you switch from an animal-based diet to a plant based diet – or a vegan diet – you often automatically get into a caloric deficit. It’s almost like you jump on an epic waterslide and regardless of how you position yourself you’re just on for the ride.

This is one of the reasons why vegans are the only group that fall into a regular BMI, compared with vegetarians and omnivores. [1]

Because the foods that they circle their diet around are much less calorie dense – therefore they almost magically reduce your caloric intake.

So yes, you can eat more and lose weight as long as you choose the right foods. And the right foods tend to be plant-based foods (not the processed vegan foods though!).

But this is not enough, plant-based diets are like a gift that keeps on giving. Like a broken slot machine in the casino that keeps spitting out money as long as you just keep on playing.

And here’s why:

How To Melt Body Fat Sustainably By Changing Your Microbiome

The vegan diet wait for it – changes your microbiome.

Some people stop their diet because they feel hungry or experience an excessive amount of cravings. This should happen to a much lesser extent on plant-based diets, as plant-based diets contain a shit ton of fiber.

You can imagine fiber – or high fiber foods as steroids for the good bacteria in your gut.

We all have good and bad bacteria in our gut – and they influence your cravings. The bacteria you have is the bacteria you feed. Or the bacteria you inject steroids into.

The more plant foods you eat the better your cravings become. And the better your cravings become the healthier you’ll continue to eat.

So you not only feel full along your weight loss process, you also achieve a healthy weight loss. Because the absolute last thing you want is to be the skinniest person at the hospital.

So, what is the best way to start?

How To Transition To A Vegan Weight Loss Diet Effortlessly

Here’s some wonderfully good news for you: Losing weight is a skill. Like operating a computer or riding a bicycle.

Your genetics do not determine your body weight. You can absolutely learn to get in shape and like every other skillset, practice makes perfect.

It’s as Dr. Michael Greger said:

“When it comes to obesity, the power of your genes is nothing compared to the power of your fork.”

Even better, the best way to start learning the skill of weight loss contains just one simple step:

  1. Eat 2 additional cups of veggies for lunch and dinner


“But Florian, this is not vegan.” – Correct. But it’s the first step to a vegan/ whole food plant based diet. And at this stage this is the only thing you should be concerned about.

It contains the lowest risk because you know that adding 2 cups of additional veggies for lunch and dinner won’t kill you. All nutrition scientists agree that vegetables are definitely a healthy food. So you’ll not engage in self-sabotaging behavior or analysis paralysis.

The way you do this step is simple:

  1. You get a rice cooker.
  2. Every night, you put 4 cups of veggies in there. 2 cups you eat for dinner. The other 2 cups you eat the next day for lunch. The veggies have to be cooked with water and with no oil.
  3. And you repeat the exact same procedure the next day.

Voilà, this is a push button solution. And probably the healthiest weight loss strategy you’ll find.

The reason eating additional amount of vegetables reduces your total calorie intake, is because we only eat a given amount of volume in a day. The more vegetables we eat (low amount of calories per volume), the less other food we eat that has a higher amount of calories per volume.

First Step To Transition To Vegan Diets

So by you eating 2 cups of additional veggies per lunch and dinner, we not only almost magically get you into a caloric deficit.

Which again helps you lose weight.

  • We also do not make you feel deprived, because you eat more than before.
  • We also make sure that you lose the weight healthily, because what all nutrition scientists agree on is that veggies are definitely good for you.
  • And we make the nutrition strategy sustainable. Because the goal is that you eat those veggies, we re-wire your microbiome and therefore you crave healthier and healthier food over time.

Ultimately leading you to a vegan diet or as close to a vegan diet as humanly possible for your situation.

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[1] Type of Vegetarian Diet, Body Weight, and Prevalence of Type 2 Diabetes: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2671114/